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Tiger Woods concerned about ‘another $30m lawsuit scandal’ after ex …

Tiger Woods is ‘terrified’ of the $30m lawsuit filed against him by ex-girlfriend Erica Herman and possibility of ‘another public scandal’


Tiger Woods is ‘terrified’ of the lawsuit filed against him by ex-girlfriend Erica Herman as he is concerned over the possibility of ‘another scandal,’ according to a report.



Herman is taking Woods to court over an NDA she claims is being wrongfully forced upon her, citing the Speak Out Act, alleging in the bombshell lawsuit that he sexually abused her.



In a separate court filing uncovered by, Herman is suing Woods for $30 million for ‘severe’ emotional damage, alleging that he tricked her into leaving the Florida mansion where they had lived together for six years.



Woods is now worried about how the legal battle will play out publicly as the golf legend is desperate to avoid another scandal, according to People.

‘It terrifies him,’ an inside source close to the 15-time major winner told the publication.
There is said to be ‘a lot of panic’ for Woods with the situation described as a ‘nightmare’ for him as he looks to avoid another public scandal.



Woods’s career was almost derailed by a past cheating scandal with ex-wife Elin Nordegren, who is the mother of his two children – daughter Sam, 15, and son Charlie, 14.



Two days after news of Woods’s affair with New York nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel first broke he hit a tree and a fire hydrant with his SUV.



Uchitel told this week that she was also made to sign a nondisclosure agreement in the days after their affair was revealed in 2009 and said it ‘ruined my life’ and left her unable to defend herself from public attacks on her character.



After the report of the affair broke, more women then came forward alleging to have had affairs with the golfing star, leading him to take an indefinite leave from golf in an attempt to save his marriage and check into a behavioral rehab center in Mississippi.



Woods ultimately couldn’t save his marriage and he and Nordegren publicly divorced in August 2010.

Herman is said to be aware that the thought of another controversy terrifies Woods as they ‘have talked about it.’

The source added that ‘no one wants the details of a long relationship to be made public.’



The insider claimed that it had become evident to ‘everyone’ around the former couple that the relationship had become ‘toxic.’

Herman is demanding more than $30million for what she claims are ‘breaches of duty’ that left her suffering ‘severe’ emotional damages.
Woods believes the the amount Herman is asking for in the lawsuit is ‘ridiculous,’ according to the inside source.



They added that the PGA Tour star now has to decide ‘whether it’s worth paying that amount so that this can go away,’ or risk seeing Herman giving a tell-all interview ‘to Dr. Phil.’



In papers filed in October, Herman said she should have been allowed to live in the home in Hobe Sound, Florida, for another five years but Woods used ‘trickery’ after breaking up with her in October.



She claimed that she had an oral agreement with Woods’s trust – the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust – which is the legal owner of his mansion in Hobe Sound where the two lived together, that allowed her to live at the property for 11 years.



The complaint says that she provided ‘valuable services’ at Woods’s requests as part of the ‘oral tenancy agreement,’ which gave her the right to live at the property for a ‘certain duration of time.’



According to Herman, there were five years left on the oral agreement for her to live at the property when Woods engaged in ‘prohibited practices.’

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