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Wayne Gretzky. Developed through a collaboration with Upper Deck and reminiscent of a banknote, the value-note is a unique collectible item that brings together fine artistry, authentic design, original manufacturing and the most sophisticated safety and security features.



Combining 21st century technology and old-world currency printing techniques, TOP LEGENDS offers one of the most sophisticated pieces of memorabilia ever created. Value-notes use similar methods that national governments use to print their currencies.



“It’s an honor to be the first person featured on a TOP LEGENDS value-note,” said Gretzky.


“I never take success for granted and my passion for hockey got me through all the ups and downs of a professional career. I hope this piece of memorabilia inspires generations of future legends to come.”



Starting at $440 USD, Gretzky’s ice hockey value-note is the first in the series of seven major figures of the sport, all which will be revealed over the next seven years with one piece debuting annually.



Future legends will be announced for additional individual series, ranging from sports heroes to entertainment icons. The next series will surround athletics, kicking off with the greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt.



Radek Šulta, CEO of TOP LEGENDS, said, “We couldn’t think of a more iconic sports figure to kick off this dream with than Wayne Gretzky, and to have him as our very first TOP LEGEND is remarkable.”



Known as “The Great One,” Gretzky’s commemorative value-note features a portrait of him alongside his famous quote, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”



The other side embodies the signature hockey maneuvers he became known for. The numbers 1981 and 1982 commemorate the 1981-1982 season where Gretzky shattered records by scoring 92 goals – a record that still stands more than 40 years later.



The series will offer two categories – GOLDEN and ORIGINAL Edition. For the signed GOLDEN Edition, TOP LEGENDS has collaborated with Upper Deck and its licensing agency Brevettar.

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