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Growing concern for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Marriage in trouble?

There are reasons to worry for the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, if the former’s fans are to be believed. This is after scenes witnessed at the Grammies where Affleck didn’t seem to be in his best form.



Ben Affleck was not too animated, quite the opposite. While Jennifer danced enthusiastically and energetically to the rhythm of the music, Ben simply stood still next to her, with a disgruntled expression that didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.



Social media has taken the actor to task, noting that he did not make any attempt to change his attitude. Jennifer was fully aware of what was going on with her husband, too, that’s why she was seen giving him a friendly nudge to cheer him up when they were in front of the camera.



Trouble in paradise?
The comments were not long in coming. Online opinions flooded in with social media inundated with speculation about the pair’s marriage, with many observers wondering whether it could be in trouble, going by the images seen by all.



“Sorry, but this is a miserable man!” or “Ben looks like he’s done with Jen” were just two typical comments from social media users.



And all this when not even a year has passed since they were married, in a luxury wedding held last July. That link meant the definitive return of a couple who had previously dated from 2002 to 2004, but called off their engagement.



The upcoming events and activity on social media from the couple may be key to scaring away the rumors of crisis, which seem to be arising from the millions of followers who trail this couple’s every step. After this incident, the scrutiny will only increase in the coming days and weeks.

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