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‘I Tell the Dirtiest Jokes’ – Chris Evert Explained How Martina Navratilova Brought Out the Fun Side of Her

Chris Evert is one of the most successful tennis players of all time. The 18-time Grand Slam champion had a rivalry to remember with compatriot Martina Navratilova.



Usually known for her sweet and gentle nature, Evert was playful and funny at times. However, the 67-year-old’s humorous side is something people don’t know about. Evert once talked about the same in an interview.



Funny side of Chris Evert
With all that success at an early age, Evert always remained humble and had a grounded personality. Little did we know that the American has a pretty good sense of humor as well. Back in an interview, she revealed that she, alongside her friend and fellow tennis star Martina Navratilova, cracks the dirtiest jokes.




“Martina claims I tell the dirtiest jokes around — probably as a semirevolt against my strict Catholic upbringing,” Evert said.



Further, the 18-time Grand Slam champion admitted to using cuss words often as well. “And when I’ve become angry in practice, every four-letter word imaginable has graced these lips,” she added.



Evert shuts down a hater on Twitter
The 2022 Wimbledon Women’s final saw Elena Rybakina of Kazakhstan beat Ons Jabeur to claim the title. However, there’s an interesting point of post-match coverage that is being discussed a lot. Rybakina has Russian roots but got to play in the tournament, while the All England Club had banned Russian and Belarusian players from the tournament.




When asked to comment on the same in a post-match conversation, the former tennis player took a long pause. Many social media raised questions about this. Replying to one such comment on Twitter, Evert cleared the air.



“Yes, they told me to lay out so we could hear the Duchess conversation with the champion. Don’t nit pic,” she said.



It’s funny how people are in such a hurry to jump to a conclusion. These social media trolls have recently become a pet peeve for celebrities.

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