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‘if You Don’t Slap Back..’- Billionaire Tennis Legend Lashes Out as Simona Halep Falls Into a Spiral of Troubles Owing to Confusing Doping Trail

It’s been a while since Simona Halep graced the courts with her incredible prowess and game style as she has been away from competitive tennis due to a doping suspension.



After the previous season’s Grand Slam event in New York, the Romanian WTA player was found guilty of consuming a substance, Roxadustat, that has been prohibited for use by the tennis authorities.



Since then, the 31-year-old tennis star has made various appeals claiming that she was innocent but so far, no progress has been made with her case.



Amidst the adverse phase, the former French Open has received some support from the tennis community including her compatriot and the former tennis player, Ion Tiriac. Speaking about the challenges faced by Halep, the current businessman recently lashed out at the tennis authorities.



The former Romanian tennis player recently shed light on Simona Halep’s adverse phase

The 31-year-old tennis star’s doping ban remains unresolved and it has further become a major talking point for many in the tennis community, including her fellow Romanian, Ion Tiriac. During an interview with Antena AS, the former tennis player was asked if the ‘Romanian’ nationality has any link to Simona Halep’s suspension.



He said, “I don’t compare it to the fact that we are Romanians, I don’t think it is so. When someone slaps you, if you don’t slap back, it’s because you’re a servant and you’re on your knees, this is what my father taught me 80 years ago.”



The Romanian businessman also urged the WTA player to speak against the tennis authority’s decision as he doesn’t want any of his compatriots to back down and accept defeat. He added, “We are Romanians and we deserve it, we can choose to stand up and not be sitting, with our heads down and waiting for the shot. Being Romanian is a matter of pride, that’s how we are, a challenging people.”



Apart from his nationalistic comments, Ion Tiriac also asserted that his compatriot should get some compensation after those serious allegations.

The Romanian businessman also demanded hefty compensation from the authorities



During the interview, the Romanian businessman also said that he believes that such doping allegations have largely affected the 2 singles Grand Slam champions’ competitive tennis journey. Notably, he demanded a whopping 100 or 200 million in compensation from the tennis authorities.



As of now, no decision has been taken by the officials regarding Simona Halep’s suspension from the women’s circuit. Due to the same, the former world No. 1 player has missed out on a lot of events this season.

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