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‘It’s Been a Little Bit Tough’: Jordan Spieth Opens Up and Makes an Unfortunate Confession

Two significant events in the sports world, Super Bowl and WM Phoenix Open are taking place in Arizona, just a few miles apart. Fans are going crazy about it.



Seeing some jerseys in the spectator section at TPC Scottsdale is obvious. However, the upcoming Super Bowl might not be what the PGA Tour pro Jordan Spieth wants to deal with. Yesterday, he confessed honestly during a press conference, which might shock you.



However, that is not his only strategy for the next round. Another approach includes Eagles fans.

Jordan Spieth unbosomed his thoughts
As the WM Phoenix Open is one of the wildest events on the PGA Tour, crazy things keep happening. And in today’s round, things might get crazier.



The reporter asked about Spieth’s plan for the day. The FedEx Cup champion talked about the craziness and compared it with 2015. He said, “I remember the Sunday in 2015 in a relatively similar position with a Super Bowl that day. I remember that being one of the louder Sundays. So I expect to see a lot of jerseys.”



But in the following statement, he confessed about the Eagles at Super Bowl, which caught everyone’s attention. He said, “For me, unfortunately, I expect a lot of — for those who know that I’m from Dallas, it’s not really great that the Eagles are in the Super Bowl.” Since there will be Eagles fans attending the golf tournament, the 2015 Masters winner already has a plan.



He said, “hopefully I can kind of sneak by that. But it’s been a little bit tough in that front, as it should be so far. So I’ll try and dodge the Eagles fans. Maybe they will go follow somebody else.“



Spieth is having fun at the Phoenix Open. Especially after the second round yesterday, he is on cloud nine. He hit 18 greens in regulations for the first time after 2013. The former number-one golfer feels it takes a lot to hit 18 greens.



He had prepared himself, but he had the best time yesterday. The pro made a bogey off a 3-putt and four 3-putts in three days and feels confident about today. But his strategy is to eliminate them for today’s round.



Is Spieth repeating history?
On Saturday, the former number-one golfer hit an insane bunker at the WM Phoenix Open. He impressed his caddie and said that it was the best bunker shot the golfer had ever hit in his career. However, it is not new for Spieth. Last year, on the grounds of TPC Scottsdale, he hit a bunker shot and became the headline. He is the perfect epitome of ‘history repeats itself.’

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