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‘Kept Coming off as Arrogant’ – Rare Insight Looks at Russian Tennis Beauty Maria Sharapova’s Major Flaw Right After Gaining Scores of Fans and Fame

Arrogant, conceited, cold—A few of the soul-crushing words associated with Tennis celebrity star Maria Sharapova. Excelling at the sport from an early age, she had to improve a lot in her communication skills.



With just $700 in their purse, Maria arrived in Miami with her father. Despite her father covering multiple low-wage jobs, television was the only source that helped her learn English.



When she won her career Grand Slam against Sara Errani in 2012, Maria went straight to brush up on a few French words from a piece of paper. Public speaking skills have eluded Maria, creating an erroneous picture of who she was as a person and as an athlete.



Gabe Jaramillo is a well-known tennis coach who successfully trained tennis stars including Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and Maria Sharapova. He nurtured 11 world number-one-ranked tennis players and 27 top-10 tennis players.



Gabe recently published a book on how he helped the champions become who they are today. In that book, he revealed how Sharapova faced problems because of her poor English speaking skills.

When Maria Sharapova’s public speaking skills created a problem



The 67-year-old tennis coach talked about ‘How to Make Champions’ in his book and how he helped tennis players improve the skills that were a huge problem for them. In an excerpt from the book, he explained how Sharapova, even after having good tennis skills, needed to improve her public speaking when she entered the tennis circuit.



He said, “For Maria, it was all about tonality and miscommunication. She tried to be confident and self-assured but kept coming off as arrogant and rude in all her early press appearances. So, she had to learn how to properly convey what she was trying to say.”

Maria’s former coach Michael Joyce too once addressed how her competitiveness was often misunderstood. He said, “She’s super competitive in tennis and pretty much at anything she does. Girls didn’t approach her that much too, because you know they kind of assume that she’s a bit*h or whatever so. It’s not like people are jumping to be friends with her too. So she kind of just went about her business.”



Beyond the frosty friendships and misplaced emotions, Maria’s image continues to be well-respected, if not loved. Last year, the 36-year-old tennis star talked about using fashion to highlight her good personality.



Sharapova on using fashion to showcase her personality
In an interview with Sports Business Radio last year, the former world number one discussed dressing in a way that reflects one’s individuality. Additionally, she discussed how having a Russian cultural heritage has greatly influenced her aesthetic appeal. She noted, “It was my mother. Not because she loved fashion, but because her aesthetic was very minimal in approach, but it was elegant. She was a dancer, she enjoyed dancing in her profession and she had fun.”



The former tennis player’s passion for aesthetics is also quite apparent on the tennis court. She has worn some of the best costumes during the tour and collaborated with companies like Nike, Prince, and Canon. And served as the face of numerous clothing companies, including Tiffany and Cole Haan.

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