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“Wrexham’s Winning Formula: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Game-Changing Approach Revealed In This Powerful Documentary !”

The approach Wrexham have got spot on under Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney
Members of the Wrexham squad feature heavily in the ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ documentary which has been a great success in the USA



Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson is pleased with how the Wrexham squad has relished starring in a hit documentary series alongside their co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.



The FX documentary ‘Welcome to Wrexham’, which is available to stream in the UK on Disney+, takes supporters behind the scenes of the Hollywood duo’s first full season at the Racecourse Ground.



Capturing a thrilling 2021/22 season which ultimately ended in heartbreak for the Red Dragons, the show captured the imagination of people Stateside.



Its success created a subsequent rise in popularity for the Wrexham squad in the US and has led to the National League champions undertaking their first pre-season tour of America this year where they will face Manchester United, Chelsea, La Galaxy II and Philadelphia Union II.



In the documentary, Parkinson expressed minor concern about the series potentially being a distraction but in an interview with Leader Live, he revealed his delight at how his players have coped with their new-found celebrity status.



“One thing I am pleased with along the way is there has been so much publicity, with the documentary and the Hollywood aspect of Wrexham Football Club, but when we work, we work,” he said. “Everybody has enjoyed being part of all that but there is a great dividing line there. When it’s work time, everyone is in. There’s a work ethic throughout the club.



“Creating the right culture and the right environment for players to flourish is so important, and me and Steve Parkin talk a lot about keeping that grounded feel to the group. That is what we are looking to continue whilst enjoying the spotlight the club is in.



“We are a hard working group of lads, we are representing a working class city and we never lose sight of that.



Hunger and desire takes you a long way and I want to make sure that when teams play us, they think: ‘These lads have got a real bit between their teeth’, and that’s what we will continue to do.”

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