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4 Months Into Bearing Olympia’s Sporting Heart-Break, Pregnant Serena Williams Makes Daughter Her Little Helper as She Takes a Surprise Hit to the Tennis Court

Pregnancy is not stopping the legendary Serena Williams from flaunting her wonderful camaraderie with her 5-year-old daughter Olympia.



Being one of the most celebrated families in the world, Serena, her husband Alexis Ohanian, and their daughter Olympia more often than not share glimpses of their beautiful relationship through their social media handles. Millions of their admirers eagerly wait to know the whereabouts and activities of the trio.



Olympia surely can’t wait for the arrival of a perfect partner-in-crime in the form of her sibling, as a pregnant Serena Williams prepares to welcome her second child in a few months. As of now, however, she is playing accomplice to her mother, as Serena’s recent Instagram activity suggests.



Fans simply love to see the special mother-daughter moments of Serena and Olympia, that showcase the deep connection and strong bond they share. And they never disappoint.



Whether it’s engaging in playful activities, testing their cooking skills, or simply goofing around, their love and affection are evident in every post. And despite currently being pregnant with her second child, Serena has not stopped spending quality time and being active with Olympia.



In her recent Instagram story, the 23-time grand slam champion posted a picture of herself flaunting her baby bump, but at the same time holding a tennis racket and decked up in her playing outfit, alongside her 5-year-old daughter, who seemed to be playing the role of her accomplice.



Especially since Olympia herself isn’t much of a fan of playing tennis, as was revealed by Serena Williams in an interview months ago. Here’s what she had to say about her daughter’s tryst with tennis.



Williams expressed disappointment at Olympia’s disinterest in tennis
Serena is regarded as one of the greatest players to hold a tennis racket – but unfortunately, her daughter doesn’t share the same passion for the sport.



She revealed in an interview 4 months ago that intriguingly enough, Olympia appears to be somewhat reluctant to follow in her footsteps on the tennis court, which left her ‘disappointed’. Williams also added that although she might have shown disinterest in the game, she has a natural talent for the sport.



The tennis great hopes that having a playmate or a partner might help her develop a liking for tennis in the future. Perhaps this is the reason why Serena expressed her desire to see her second child carry forward her huge tennis legacy.



It goes without saying that Serena’s next child will become Olympia’s best playmate, and hopefully, her tennis-playing partner. After all, the world would love to see another successful doubles duo from the Williams household stepping into the shoes of Venus and Serena!

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