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“Chris Evert’s Astonishing Journey: From Tennis Stardom to the Maze of Matrimony – Unveiling the emotional struggles through Triumphs and Turmoil!”

Evert was a dominant force in the game for nearly two decades.

Former 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert acknowledged that not everything is perfect about fame as she admits it has affected her personal life and relationships.



In the 1970s and early 1980s, Evert was one of the best and most dominant players on the WTA Tour.In 1979, Evert married fellow tennis pro John Lloyd but the two separated eight years later.A year after divorcing Lloyd, Evert married downhill skier Andy Mill, with whom she was married until 2006.



Then in 2008, Evert tied the knot for the third time as she married golfer Greg Norman.Their marriage lasted 15 months.



Evert on fame, past marriages
“We could do a five-hour interview about fame and the lack of privacy and how you pay a price when you’re successful at a young age and you haven’t developed a personality and your morals and beliefs.

It can stunt your growth,” Evert told The Guardian. “When I came home after winning Wimbledon [aged 19 in 1974] I still had to empty the dishwasher and fold the laundry. My feet were on the ground. The only area in my life that [fame] affected was relationships.



When people tell you for years how great you are, they don’t set boundaries and you’re able to get away with lots of stuff. Later in life that affects your relationships, not only with husbands but your siblings and best friend.



John and I were both lonely, on tour, but I was so intense about being No 1 I couldn’t give enough to the marriage. But we still love each other and are good friends. My most successful marriage was with Andy. We were married 20 years but I made a bad choice [leaving Mill for Norman].



It was a mistake”. Earlier this year, Evert went public with her battle with ovarian cancer.Fortunately for Evert, she caught the disease very early.After undergoing her chemotherapy treatment, the doctors told Evert there was a 90% of chance her cancer would not return.

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