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Jennifer Garner Reportedly Reuniting With Ex-Husband Ben Affleck After Confirmed Elektra Return in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3

Jennifer Garner last portrayed the role of Elektra back in 2005 in the film Elektra. With Phase 5 of the MCU adding more and more characters to its cinematic universe, it seems that the actress is returning once more.



With the launch of Deadpool 3, there have been rumors of Ben Affleck making a cameo as the character of Daredevil in the movie. Alongside Ben Affleck, it seems that his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner will also star in the upcoming MCU movie.



Back in 2005, the actress received fame for starring in the superhero movie Elektra. Portraying the titular character, the movie was met with mixed reviews, even though Jennifer Garner was loved by the audience. It has been nearly 20 years, but according to recent developments, the actress will pick up the mantle once more.



Starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, Deadpool 3 will be the next big project of the MCU. With a crossover to the X-Men franchise and some other Marvel heroes and heroines, Deadpool 3 is anticipated to go off with a bang. Joining the star cast is Jennifer Garner, who will reprise her iconic character of Elektra in the movie.



As per a report by The Hollywood Reporter, several sources confirmed the rumor that Jennifer Garner was returning for the role of Elektra. If this wasn’t enough, people went over their heads and gave a direct connection to Ben Affleck joining the MCU in his iconic reprisal as Daredevil in Deadpool 3!



Before Elektra, Jennifer Garner starred alongside her then-husband Ben Affleck in the 2003 movie Daredevil. After their divorce, the two seem to be on good terms, but a rumor dictates that Affleck and Garner may have to share the screen soon.



With Garner’s return, fans allege that Ben Affleck will also return in his iconic character of Daredevil in Deadpool 3. The movie will indeed be fun if such characters were to make an appearance alongside Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.



Being the movie that connects the X-Men franchise to the MCU, fans have been quite excited for the third part of the franchise.

With the main cast returning alongside several other rumored actors such as Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, and Patrick Stewart, Deadpool 3 is set for a release date of 3rd May 2024 in theaters across the U.S.

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