Jordan Spieth mocked by rival golfer in hilarious ad over a trivial subject

Jordan Spieth might be golf’s Golden Boy these days, but as a hilarious new video shows, he’s not above parody and reproach.



Spieth is running for president of the PGA’s Player Advisory Council and his opponent, Billy Hurley III, hit Spieth with a political-style attack ad that’s all sorts of hilarious. It’s like an SNL skit or a “Parks & Recreation” bit, just applied to one of the PGA’s brightest stars:



What you have to love most about this is how much time and effort went into Hurley’s video. You also have to love that golfers are apparently cool enough with each other not to catch feelings about something like this. Because this was Spieth’s response:



It’s all true. I didn’t even know there was a PGA Player Advisory Council and if I could, I’d be voting for Hurley too.

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