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Ryan Reynolds’ Company Announces Major Deadpool 3 Casting With X-Men Tease

Following a new round of casting announcements for Deadpool 3, star Ryan Reynolds teased even more X-Men mayhem on the way for the MCU threequel.



The X-Men will finally be put at the forefront of an MCU movie with Phase 5’s Deadpool 3, starting right at the top of the call sheet with Hugh Jackman taking on a near-headlining role in the film in his return as Wolverine.



Bringing him back will also involve some wild time-traveling and universe-jumping antics with rumors heavily pointing to the Time Variance Authority’s involvement in the story, meaning Wolverine could be just the tip of the Multiversal iceberg.



Ryan Reynolds’ Hypes New Deadpool 3 Casting Announcement
Thankfully, the X-Men are no strangers to time travel.



Via the Twitter account for Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort production company, Reynolds celebrated the announcement confirming Jennifer Garner’s MCU debut in Deadpool 3.



In that movie, she’ll reprise her role as Elektra, who she played in 2003’s Daredevil alongside Daredevil star Ben Affleck and in her own solo movie in 2005’s Elektra.



Reynolds’ post came with the caption “Moms of Future Past. Welcome to Deadpool, Jennifer Garner,” along with a picture of them together from 2022’s The Adam Project and a shot of Garner as Electra.





For perspective, Garner played Reynolds’ character’s mother in The Adam Project, also directed by Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy and also dealing with time travel.



The caption itself is a cheeky reference to the 2014 20th Century Fox movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, in which the X-Men have to come up with their own massive time travel plan in order to save the future.



Will More X-Men Be Used in Deadpool 3?
With time travel confirmed to be such a big plot point in Deadpool 3, the only question now is when and where across the Multiverse Deadpool and Wolverine will travel and who they will encounter.



Fans are already convinced that Storm actress Halle Berry is prepping for her MCU debut with a social media post showing a haircut that looks awfully Storm-y, with plenty of other possibilities on the way as well.



While it can’t be confirmed whether X-Men: Days of Future Past will be an inspiration for the Deadpool 3 plot, many are expecting Deadpool to comment on that movie in some form as he takes on the mayhem in the MCU for the first time.



And with Owen Wilson’s Mobius and other members of the Loki cast so heavily rumored to be involved, it truly should only be a matter of time until more Jennifer Garner-style cameos are teased for inclusion in this story.

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