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Unveiling the Hidden Depths of the Infamously ‘Reserved’ and ‘Shy’ Steffi Graf: Marriage to Andre Agassi Unveils a Startling Transformation – ‘I Found Unprecedented Comfort’

Steffi Graf has built an incredible legacy during her WTA career, having set historic records over the course of her career. Graf cemented her position as a legend after winning 22 Grand Slam singles titles.



Known for her dedication, the German tennis star’s journey through tennis has been long and successful. In 2021, Graf was interviewed by former Indian tennis player Vijay Amritraj. She shared insights from her career and gave details about her personality on the court.



She also admitted how she was rather reserved from childhood and only started opening up more than usual by the time she was a young adult.



Steffi Graf opens up about her early years
During the interview, the 22-time Grand Slam champion opened up about her life and behavior. When asked about her personality on and off the court, Steffi talked about the comfort that she experienced while playing.



It was probably the satisfaction from being able to express her love for tennis. She said, “I was definitely shy and not so comfortable other than being on the court. The life around the courts wasn’t something I felt so comfortable.”



She also reminisced about her childhood days and that because of her shy behavior, she happened to be a quiet and reserved person. She continued, “I was a more quiet and reserved. It takes me a little longer to get to know somebody or to open up to somebody.”



Graf also complimented her beloved husband and fellow tennis legend Andre Agassi for exposing her to his different personality which helped her with her unseen behavior and to unhesitatingly open up to the world.



She stated, “I think I’ve gotten a little better and he (Agassi) showed me a lot of different things and a lot of different ways and I’m opening up a lot more.”

Graf steps on the court to play against Agassi at the Pickleball Slam
Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi have long entered the category of popular tennis couples. The couple has secured numerous Grand Slam titles in their illustrious careers. However, their most cherished achievement surely remains the Olympic gold medals.



During the recent Pickleball Slam, Graf was asked about how their games compared. She answered the question in Agassi’s favor. Agassi responded to his wife’s compliment with laughter. Later, Graf stepped into the court to play against her beloved husband!

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