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“What the Heck Is Wrong with Critics? Chris Evert Claps Back with Fiery Response to Backlash Over Serena

Serena Williams started off on a great note in her final run at the US Open. She came through the first round of the tour unscathed.



With a huge number of people cheering for her, both in the stadium and outside of it, the legendary player clinched victory over her Montenegrin opponent. However, cheering is for the audience and not the commentators.



So, when Evert made a comment about Williams’ footing during the match, she was criticized for her remarks.

Evert defended herself against it and asserted her right to be impartial and report whatever was going on without any bias during the match.



Chris Evert draws criticism for her comments on Serena Williams’ at the US Open
The 18-time grand slam champion, after leading a glorious career, now does tennis commentary mostly during the major events.



In Serena’s first round match, Evert was commenting about the the American’s footwork, which drew some flak from fans. One fan of Serena Williams criticized Evert and tweeted, “”…gets a little lazy with her feet and misses the ball…” REALLY??”



Evert retorted by defending herself, as it is her job to report what is happening on the court. She tweeted, “Yes… what the heck is wrong with the truth?”

Additionally, her fans came in support of her and defended Evert as she was doing her job, like the Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard. She tweeted, “Chrissie, you were great tonight.”

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