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Awkward Moment Between Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth Captures Golf World’s Attention: ‘Didn’t Seem Too Happy

Post-round and pre-round interviews are a very notable tradition of golf tournaments. This is where golfers discuss various aspects of the game and share their opinions about various things happening both on and off the course.



While there is a specific schedule that is followed for each golfer, sometimes things take an unusual turn! And the golf world witnessed that with an awkward moment between Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth at the Memorial Tournament.



On the PGA Tour this week, the two rivals clashed off the course during the interview. This led to a viral incident that left the golf world with plenty of opinions to go around!



Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth’s mix-up

Speith and McIlroy might not be the best of buddies, but the two have been playing on the PGA Tour for a very long time. Being compassionate golfers, the two have played with each other many times on the course. But this time things were different; they clashed off the course soon after the second round of the Memorial this week!



Post-round, Spieth was in the conference room answering questions when the Irish golfer almost crashed his interview. Outside, Rory McIlroy was talking to someone and laughing when he came into the room.



But the moment he noticed that the room was not empty, he leaned backward, trying to balance himself, clapped his hands, and had an awkward expression on his face for the blunder he almost made.


Seconds later, Spieth had finished his questions and turned to exit the conference room when a reporter called him back, saying he had another question. The Northern Irishman, who was all ready to enter once more, laughingly offered to answer it instead. “I can take it for him,” he said hilariously. But Spieth, of course, turned back and stood his ground to answer it.



The hilarious yet awkward incident quickly grabbed the golf world’s attention on Instagram, where it went viral. And the fans undoubtedly had lots to say about it.

Fans react to the golfers’ hysterical crash
Many fans had mixed reactions. Some thought that it was absolutely hilarious, and some thought that Spieth was not too happy with the mix-up, whereas some just bashed McIlroy. Let us look at some of their comments on the post.



Dissing McIlroy, many fans posted,

“Always speaking for turrr players… thx Rors 🙄”

“Rory needs to win something before he can keep talking about top tour player”

“Everyone hates Rory”

Many fans also commented on the fact Spieth didn’t look too pleased with McIlroy’s step in.

“Jordan didn’t seem too happy 😬”

“Jordan didn’t pass the vibe”

“Jordan was having it. Lighten up bud, you’re rich and golf for living. Life’s good.”

“Jordan is such a rigid tool, ha I guess unintentional pun intended”

Pointing out McIlroy’s gesture, one fan commented, “Rory clapped as if to say “it’s my turn now Jordan” 😂 “you’re the 2nd most popular guy here”



Another fan also found the entire incident absolutely tickling, and loved the role McIlroy had in it all. He wrote, “love rors!!! Hahahahhahaha!”

One even suggested that this clash would fuel Spieth on the course the next day.

“Maybe Jordan will use the DISS as motivation tomorrow 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

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