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Elvis Presley’s estate slams new ‘horrible’ movie while ex-wife Priscilla praises it

Elvis Presley's estate isn't best pleased with an upcoming movie due to hit cinema screens later this year but the King of Rock 'n' Roll's ex-wife Priscilla has praised it

Elvis Presley’s estate has brutally slammed an upcoming movie about the rocker’s ex-wife Priscilla, while Elvis’ ex has praised the new Sofia Coppola film due out later this year.



The movie was allegedly produced “without the estate’s knowledge or consent”, according to reports, with Elvis’ estate not happy with the film.Priscilla is a movie that has been written and directed by Sofia Coppola, which is due to hit screens this autumn.



Billed to come out in October, according to reports, Priscilla is a film based on Elvis ex-wife’s memoir from 1985.The book, which came out almost 38 years ago, was titled Elvis and Me and focused on the Priscilla and Elvis’ budding romance.



In the movie, Jacob Elordi plays the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, while Cailee Spaeny portrays the role of Priscilla.But sources from Elvis’ estate are supposedly branding the movie a “money grab”, with one even branding it “horrible”.



“It feels like a college movie. The set designs are just horrific, it’s not what Graceland looks like,” one source spilled to TMZ.But while Elvis’ estate aren’t best pleased with the new upcoming film, his ex-wife Priscila is “excited” to see her book come to life on the big screen.



Speaking to TMZ she dubbed Sofia Coppola as “masterful” and added that “she has such an extraordinary perspective”.”I’m certain this movie will take everyone on an emotional journey,” she added in her chat to the outlet.



This comes after the teaser trailer for the movie was released for fans to get a first glimpse.

Priscilla Presley had one child with Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley ( Image: Getty Images)

The trailer appears to showcase scenes from the movie in a jumbled order, with snippets from the ‘50s to the ‘70s.Elvis and Priscilla’s romance is strong, but something seems a little off as the trailer progresses.



Priscilla and Elvis met in 1959, when Priscilla was in high school and just 14 years of age.
Writing for People in 1985, Priscilla touched on their age gap when she said: “When we met, I was an impressionable 14-year-old. He was 24.”



Elvis and Priscilla met for the first time in 1959 but didn’t get married until 1967. They got wed in a Las Vegas ceremony that lasted just eight minutes. And they were married for six years from 1967 until 1973.

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