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Everything Pamela Anderson’s Sons Have Said About Her Sex Tape, Marriages, the ‘Pam & Tommy’ Series, & More Amid Documentary Release

Brandon would fight kids at school if they talked about his mom

Brandon says in the movie, “When I was a kid, I thought everyone knew things about me and my family that they never should’ve known, and like everyone had this dirty little secret about my family. I just remember in school, if anyone ever brought up my mom, I was very quick to fight.”



Dylan talked about his mom’s many marriages

“I remember coming home from school one day and I was with a friend of mine and I was like… ‘Why don’t people take photos of your family?’” Brandon told Extra.



Pamela added, “I picked you up from surf camp and you came up to me and you go… ‘Are you Pamela Anderson?’ And I said… ‘Why?’ And you go… ‘What is that? Why are those people calling you that?’ I remember on career day Brandon said… ‘My dad’s a rock star and my mom rescues animals.’ They weren’t really aware of what I was doing.”



Pamela has been married to five different men.

“She loves getting married. Maybe it’s her favorite thing in the world, falling in love,” Dylan said in the documentary. He added that the “only person I looked at as a father figure was my dad. The other ones were just people who came in and came out.”



Brandon on when he realized his mom was famous.

Brandon and Dylan share thoughts on Pamela’s sex tape



“I wish she made the money. She would’ve made millions of dollars if she just would have signed a piece of paper,” Brandon said in the doc (via ET). “Instead, she sat back with nothing and watched her career fizzle into thin air. She was in debt most of her life.”



Dylan said, “I think it would have been a different story if she did cash in on the tape. It just shows you, right? Like, that thing guaranteed made people millions of dollars, and she was like, ‘No.’ She 100 percent cares about her family being OK and me being OK. Never cared about money.”

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