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“Had Me Sweating”: Three Days After Coaching His Son in the Nike Tournament, LeBron James Lauds the Youngest Member of the James Crew

LeBron James continues to fulfill “dad goals”. He’s pushing and empowering his sons Bryce and Bronny James to become successful NBA players. Four-star recruit Bronny is already turning out to be an achiever after signing with USC Trojans.



His son Bryce is also steadily building upon his game too. As the NBA offseason unravels, dad James is busier with his kids than ever.

While Bryce and Bronny gather all the limelight, there is one member of the family who is overlooked. From a recent event, it looks like talent runs deep in the family.



LeBron James gives props to his kid

As his sons are crafting a promising basketball career, James may have found another talent in the family, although it is not basketball. Posting a story on his Instagram handle, the legendary Los Angeles Lakers’



Point Forward writes,”@allthingsazhuri wasn’t messing around!! Had me sweating😅”. Here, the future Hall-of-Famer is referring to his youngest child, his daughter Zhuri Nova James.

In the IG story, which opens with King James’ laughter, the father and daughter are engaging in a table tennis battle. Nova James starts with a decent serve and then displays both backhand and forehand skills.



As she stretches the game, LeBron James amicably groans “Arghh” and when he earns a point, he stretches his amicable groan further. From the video, it’s clear LBJ relished the experience and had to put in some work to get a point.



His daughter is just eight years old. However, thanks to her dad’s fame, she has already amassed close to 500,000 followers on Instagram! She also had a now-defunct YouTube channel AllThingsZhuri, gathering over 200,000 subscribers. On this channel, she has multiple videos featuring her family. However, the last video came way back in November 2020.



Bron is busy with his kids
For the former Cleveland Cavaliers Forward, the offseason hasn’t just brought happy moments like the one with Zhuri.

He has been seriously training his sons, too. Just recently, he was coaching his son Bryce and his team during the Nike EYBL circuit. A roaring James alongside his former Lakers teammate Rajon Rondo, who acted as assistant coach, led the team to a come-from-behind win.



He seemed to enjoy the experience a lot and was seen chest-bumping and hyping up Bryce’s teammates regularly. The videos of him coaching his son’s “Strive for Greatness” team went viral in a hurry. Cheering on his children has been his modus operandi for many years now.

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