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“Kaia Gerber’s Desperate Desire for Marriage Clashes with Austin Butler’s Career Ambitions: A Battle of Love vs. Success!”

Kaia Gerber is itching to get hitched — but the 21-year-old model is all shook up because her busy beau Austin Butler, 31, has no interest in rushing down the aisle, has learned.


The Elvis stud is keeping his nose to the grindstone with a slew of acting projects, and tipsters say that’s leaving the daughter of catwalk queen Cindy Crawford stranded on the sidelines.



“Kaia would love to marry Austin sooner rather than later, but he makes it plain that just isn’t in his field of vision right now,” a friend squealed.
The insider shared the actor is on the road to fast-tracking his career now that he has an Oscar nomination under his belt.



“She sees his career comes first, and that isn’t likely to change,” the pal shared.

The lovebirds were first linked in December 2021 after the runway vixen’s split from Euphoria hunk Jacob Elordi and Butler ended his nine-year romance with High School Musical beauty Vanessa Hudgens.



“Kaia and Austin are seeing each other. They’re getting to know each other better and having a lot of fun hanging out,” a source told ET at the time. “They’re very sweet and affectionate with each other and it feels comfortable between the two of them.”


Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler’s relationship timeline began in December 2021. The two were first linked romantically shortly after Gerber’s split from actor Jacob Elordi and Butler’s breakup with Vanessa Hudgens, known for her role in High School Musical. At the time, sources revealed that Gerber and Butler were getting to know each other better and having a lot of fun hanging out.



Since then, their relationship has been characterized as sweet and affectionate, with a comfortable dynamic between them. However, it seems that their desires and priorities diverge when it comes to the topic of marriage.
Gerber, at 21 years old, is reportedly itching to tie the knot, eager for a more serious commitment with Butler. On the other hand, the 31-year-old actor appears to be fully focused on his acting career and is not currently interested in rushing down the aisle.



Butler’s dedication to his craft has been described as nose-to-the-grindstone, with a slew of acting projects taking up his time and energy. With an Oscar nomination to his name, he seems determined to fast-track his career and capitalize on his recent success. As a result, Gerber finds herself in a position where her desire for marriage clashes with Butler’s professional ambitions.



While Gerber understands that Butler’s career comes first and has accepted the current circumstances, their differing views on timing and commitment may create a challenging dynamic in their relationship. Despite their affection for one another and the fun they have while spending time together, it remains uncertain if their relationship will progress toward a more serious and committed stage in the near future.

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