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‘We Were Night and Day’ – Chris Evert Once Pointed Out the Glorious Contrast Between Her and Martina Navratilova’s Personality

Former Czech-American tennis player Martina Navratilova had plenty of rivalries throughout her long and illustrious career. However, her rivalry with the former American tennis star, Chris Evert, was arguably the greatest rivalry in the history of tennis.



In an interview, Navratilova talked about the adversity she had to face while playing against her best friend, Evert. Moreover, Evert also pointed out the difference between her and Navratilova, as they had contrasting styles.



Chris Evert opened up about her and Martina Navratilova’s different styles of play
In an interview, in 2013, both Navratilova and Evert talked about their different personalities and, of course, their different styles. Speaking about it, Evert said, “We were night and day.“



Notably, Evert was more of a baseline player with aggressive groundstrokes and Navratilova was more of a serve and volley player, arguably the best ever. Moreover, Evert was the crowd’s favorite during their match-ups.



Speaking about it, Navratilova said, “I was always the visiting team. [Evert was] the American girl-next-door and here I am, this big muscular lesbian from a communist country. I came up against the Osmonds of tennis.”



However, Evert always showed admiration for Navratilova, and her never give up attitude. “She brought athleticism to a whole new level with her training. She had everything down to a science, including her diet, and that was an inspiration to me,” Evert said.



Evert in the beginning When Navratilova burst into the scene in the early 70s, Evert was already a superstar, as many rightly predicted a bright future for Evert. During their first 25 meetings, Navratilova only won five 0f them; and Navratilova hated losing. Later, she changed her diet and workout routine to become more fit.



Clearly, the result was visible, as the former Czech-American player started to win more games against Evert. Their rivalry lasted for nearly 15 years and 80 matches, where Navratilova won 43 matches between them; Evert won 37.



Although both of them won the same number of Grand Slam singles titles (18), Navratilova had a better and longer career. Notably, Evert retired from tennis in 1989. Whereas, Navratilova retired in 2006 and played till 50 years of age. Currently, both of them are working as commentators and covering Grand Slam-level matches.

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