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3 Weeks After Announcing Lucrative Deal, Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth Enjoy Their Wimbledon Outing

Sports is a world of its own. No sportsman is confined to their respective play of choice when it comes to watching a match, be it golf, soccer, basketball, or what have you.



Every sportsperson has varied interests, even if it means indulging in another game with monetary gains in mind.

Golfers, in particular, have always shown interest in the diversity of gameplay. Such is the case for many PGA Tour pros who love to invest their hard-earned money into substantial teams or players, be it amateur golfers, baseball, little league, or pro Football. Now, three popular names in golf are delving into soccer.



Fowler, Thomas, and Spieth have a lucrative venture in mind

Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, and Jordan Spieth are constantly running up and down the ranks on the PGA Tour. But golf is not all that holds their interest.



Three weeks ago, Fowler spoke about understanding the trajectory of the Leeds United Football Club. He expressed interest in investing in the team.

A month ago, the 49ers Enterprise advanced their takeover of Leeds and made headlines. The ‘Orange Crush’ and his two friends, 5-time PGA Tour winner Justin Thomas, and the Golden Child Jordan Spieth, planned a collaboration.



With an accumulative net worth of $175 million, the three PGA Tour golfers saw a unique opportunity to invest in Leeds if not in ‘The Whites’ alone. The trio planned and announced their deal, as reported by Now, they wish to show their enthusiasm toward yet another sporting event, and are attending the ongoing Wimbledon, as per the PGA Tour’s Tweet.



The three golfers were dressed to perfection and ready to take in the thrill of the oldest and most prestigious tournament in Tennis. With big smiles and a thriving interest in the world of diversified sports, they are excited to witness the play-by-play in person.



It is truly impressive how the trio is trying to change the world of sports one step at a time.

The stunning golfing trio aren’t the only ones investing in other sports

A couple of weeks ago, two thriving billionaires of the sporting world decided to team up for the greater good. Lebron James with Fenway Sports, and Tiger Woods with TGL, joined forces to form the 6-team ownership group, TGL Boston.



The basketball Mega Star recently achieved the Billionaire title thanks to his many endorsements and investments. Fenway Sports, which is roughly estimated at $9.8 Billion, is one of the highest contributors to James’ net worth. TGL, which is Tiger Woods‘ venture to accommodate tech to the golf league, has also been on the rise. Together, the two giants of sports are about to make history.



Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, and Justin Thomas also partnered up to help in whatever capacity possible in order to bring about changes in competitive sporting markets. And they are showing their support to prove it too.

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