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“Austin Butler’s Shocking Reply About Kaia Gerber’s Ex Leaves Everyone Speechless – What Did He Really Say?”

Golden Globes viewers have praised Austin Butler for his handling of an “awkward” red carpet moment after he was asked about his girlfriend Kaia Gerber’s ex-boyfriend Jacob Elordi.



On Tuesday 10 January, the Elvis star, 31, spoke with Variety while walking the red carpet ahead of the 80th annual Golden Globes.



During the conversation, Butler was asked if he has “advice” for Elordi, who is starring as Elvis in Sofia Coppola’s upcoming movie Priscilla, which will focus on Elvis Presley’s wife Priscilla Presley.



“Now, I have to ask you, there is another star about to take on Elvis. Jacob Elordi is going to be playing the king as well. Do you have any advice for him?” the interviewer asked Butler.



In response to the question, Butler said he wishes Elordi “all the best” before noting that the pair “haven’t spoken”.
“We haven’t spoken but I hope he has a great time,” Butler continued.



On social media, some viewers described the exchange as “awkward” because of the romantic history between Elordi and Butler’s girlfriend Gerber.





Butler and Gerber were first linked in December 2021, a month after the model and Elordi were reported to have ended their relationship. Gerber and the Euphoria star previously dated from September 2020 to February 2021, with the model telling Vogue that the relationship taught her “what it feels like to love without conditions”.



“Such a messy question lol,” one person tweeted in response to the Variety interview, while another said: “Kaia Gerber’s current boyfriend and star of Elvis wishes her ex-boyfriend well in his upcoming roll, as Elvis…”
According to one viewer, they had to “mute [the interview] in embarrassment”.
“First thing they ask Austin Butler ‘what do you think about Jacob Elordi playing Elvis??’ I had to mute in embarrassment,” they tweeted.



Although viewers claimed it was “messy” for the interviewer to ask Butler about his girlfriend’s ex, many praised the actor for his handling of the question.
“Austin Butler is so much better than me,” one fan wrote, while another said: “Such a professional. Classy guy.”



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