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Controversy Surrounds Bratty American Tennis Legend as He Gets Smoked Online for His Inconsequential Analysis of 26-Year-Old Wimbledon Star

John McEnroe was a player who often ranked at the top. However, his talent in the sport was overshadowed by his impolite and volatile on-court behavior. During his active years, McEnroe constantly landed in hot waters due to his incessant outbursts.



Now the Superbrat has sobered up and works as a commentator for the sport. But his tussles with the fans are something that doesn’t go away!



In London to cover Wimbledon, McEnroe created quite a few controversial moments with his comments about players competing on the grass court. The most recent comment which chuffed fans saw McEnroe compare Alexander Bublik to Nick Kyrgios.



John McEnroe enrages tennis fans, again!

As he covers the commentary for Wimbledon, McEnroe has once again managed to land in hot water with fans. The former world number 1 is part of the BBC commentary team, along with Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King. While doing his best to cover matches, McEnroe could not help but avoid controversy.



During the fourth round of the grass slam, Alexander Bublik faced off against Andrey Rublev. The two battled it out over five sets. Rublev won the first two sets. But Bublik found his second wind and won sets three and four. However, even after all his efforts, Bublik lost the final set to Rublev. This conclusion led to McEnroe comparing the Kazakhstan player to Nick Kyrgios, stating that the two were in a competition over who is the laziest player, reported by Eurosport.



After his comments, fans were left infuriated. One fan said, “John McEnroe’s comments about Bublik during his 4R were totally unacceptable,” in a lengthy post. It continued, “To claim he’s disrespectful to his opponents, that he hopes he loses, that he doesn’t care about the sport – comparing him to Kyrgios saying they’re in a ‘league of who cares the least.’”



The comment reached many fans, and almost everyone agreed that McEnroe’s comments were rude and had no basis in reality. But this was not the only time McEnroe named Kyrgios in a controversial statement.



Nick Kyrgios at the end of Superbrat’s criticism
While he took a shot at Kyrgios in the ongoing grass slam, his comments on the player last year weren’t too dissimilar. For McEnroe, Kyrgios wasn’t necessarily a bad person. However, he felt that Kyrgios was afraid of failure to the extent that he couldn’t play his best. This constricting fear was the reason he often lost matches and had not won a slam.



Since then, McEnroe’s outlook on Kyrgios has obviously changed quite a bit. Although he was kinder to the player in 2022, McEnroe did not hold anything back this year.

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