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“Fiery Revelation: Tiafoe Claims Serena’s Frustration with Federer Exposed: ‘He’s No Match for Me!'”

Serena Williams’ mixed doubles partner and ATP superstar Frances Tiafoe disclosed his best story about Serena Williams during an Ultimate Tennis Showdown Talk Show with Chris Eubanks and Ben Shelton.”The best S story I got with her: I’m playing mixed with her.



We’re playing Federer and Bencic. Federer is acing her left, and center. She is aced again. Go sit down, she’s like: ‘Huh! I don’t get it! We can’t lose! He’s not better than me! I got 23 grand slams, he got 20!’ That’s when I got it.



You got to be different. This wasn’t a joke,” said Tiafoe.In the talk show, “three rising American talents together, break bread and talk about their dreams, and the rest, as they say is history. Call it the perfect recipe for passionate tennis talk, and a window into the heart and soul of Frances Tiafoe, Ben Shelton and Chris Eubanks.



Fans will want to watch this groundbreaking video in its entirety, as the three close-knit Americans talk about life on the ATP Tour, their vision for the future of tennis, their unique origin stories, and some of the craziest memories they have from rubbing elbows with legends of the game – like Serena Williams – and of culture and entertainment – like former first lady Michelle Obama and Hollywood bigwig Jamie Foxx.”You can watch Tiafoe’s confession in the video below:





Serena met Federer at the 2019 Hopman Cup
American duo Serena Williams and Frances Tiafoe met the Swiss duo Roger Federer and Belinda Bencic at the 2019 Hopman Cup, which took place in Perth.



Switzerland won 4-2, 4-3.”It was a great experience. I’m kind of sad it’s over. I was just warming up. It was so fun. We grew up together but we’ve actually never done this.



It was super cool we got to do this at such a pinnacle point of both of our careers,” Serena said after the match.You can watch the full match below.

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