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Leeds United: Rickie Fowler reveals hopes of Leeds investment with Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas

Rickie Fowler reveals he is looking to become an investor in Leeds United, with fellow American golfers Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth also potentially being involved with the club; 49ers Enterprises recently agreed to buy the majority stake in the team from Andrea Radrizzani.

Rickie Fowler has exclusively revealed to Sky Sports News that he is looking to become an investor in Leeds United amid the 49ers takeover.



Terms were agreed for 49ers Enterprises to buy the majority stake in Leeds last Friday after protracted talks with owner Andrea Radrizzani.



Fowler has told us at the US Open in Los Angeles that fellow elite golfers Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth could also “potentially” be involved with the club, now that the deal is in the final stages.



Asked by Sky Sports’ Jamie Weir if he was technically a part owner of Leeds United, Fowler said: “Not yet, technically.



“There is the group that’s moving forward with being involved with Leeds. Myself, JT (Justin Thomas) and Jordan (Spieth) potentially will be a part of it.”
When jokingly asked whether Leeds-supporting caddie Billy Foster had been recruiting them, Fowler said: “He didn’t know about it from the start.



“But we told him after knowing he is a huge Leeds United supporter.

“It’s cool to have those opportunities. I know we are looking into it. It will be fun if we get to be a part of it.



“If not, we will continue to root for Leeds to see if we can help out Billy.



“Obviously they got relegated, but to be able to go to a Premier League game, Champions League… I feel like, obviously you call it football over there, we call it soccer here… it’s a massive sport.



“I feel like its continuing to get bigger in the States, but still since I haven’t been to a game I don’t have the true appreciation until I’ve actually been able to go and be there and feel that energy.”

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