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“Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray Unite in Daring Rebellion Against Wimbledon Amidst Intense Curfew Controversy”

Novak Djokovic has reiterated his request for Wimbledon to adjust the start times on Centre Court, aligning with his stance from last year. He joins the Murray brothers in urging the tournament to abandon their efforts to prevent matches from commencing before 1.30pm.



While Centre Court had been pushed back by 30 minutes in recent years, the matches on grass are lasting longer than ever, resulting in a disorderly schedule and matches being suspended due to the 11pm curfew. Rain delays and earlier matches going the distance were the primary causes of this issue.



This is not the first time the start time at Wimbledon has faced scrutiny. Djokovic had encountered a similar predicament twelve months ago in his match against Tim van Rijthoven. On that occasion, he managed to beat the clock, but he was unable to do so against Hubert Hurkacz on Sunday.



In light of these circumstances, the Murray brothers have expressed their desire for Wimbledon officials to reconsider the 1.30pm start time on Centre Court, aiming to prevent future problems. Djokovic echoes their sentiments, hoping that the tournament and the All England Club will address this matter.



Acknowledging the challenges of changing the curfew due to the surrounding community and residential area, Djokovic proposes pushing the match start time to at least 12:00.



He believes that such a change would make a significant difference. Furthermore, Djokovic sheds light on the difficulties faced by players scheduled last on Centre Court, who struggle to prepare adequately for their matches. While he acknowledges the unpredictable nature of tennis, Djokovic suggests that Wimbledon can take additional measures to prevent matches from extending over two days.



In recent years, Wimbledon has demonstrated a willingness to depart from tradition by allowing a select group of players to train on Centre Court before the tournament. However, despite being one of the privileged players granted this opportunity, Djokovic admits that he is not a fan of it.



He expresses a preference for no practice at all on the Centre Court prior to the tournament, believing that such a change would benefit the court. Djokovic emphasizes the sensitivity of the grass surface, noting that even a few practice sessions can cause wear and tear due to sliding and running.



Overall, Djokovic reiterates his call for Wimbledon to adjust the start times on Centre Court, emphasizing the need to address the issue raised by prolonged matches.



While he acknowledges the challenges associated with changing the curfew and the uncertainty inherent in tennis, Djokovic believes that Wimbledon can take various approaches to avoid encountering similar problems in the future.



Despite being granted the opportunity to practice on Centre Court before the tournament, he expresses a preference for no pre-tournament practice, considering the surface’s sensitivity and the potential damage caused by repeated use.

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