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‘She Looks Like a Different Human Being’- 68YO American Tennis Legend Chris Evert Becomes the Talking Point at Wimbledon as Fans Split Over Her ESPN Appearance

Tennis fans always find ways to ridicule players and experts. This time, a former tennis player and one of the experts is at the receiving end. It was Chris Evert, the 18-time major champion, who received backlash from the fans on Twitter. But why would the fans attack Evert?



Evert was not slandered for any particular opinion of hers. She was in fact criticized for her appearance at the Wimbledon pre-show on TV. While it was John McEnroe who showed up in beach attire, the fans only ridiculed Chris Evert. Let’s find out more.



Twitterati reacts to Chris Evert’s appearance and commentary

Chris Evert took center stage at Wimbledon after her appearance at the pre-show. Her blue suit outfit was heavily criticized, and fans did not really appreciate her presence, if truth be told.



The Twitter outrage was quite unexpected, to say the least. One of the fans accused Evert of trying hard to look like Greg Norman.

A Twitter user was surprised by her appearance. He felt Evert was looking like a completely different person on the TV set, mainly down to her makeup, botox and hairstyle.



Chris Evert also faced some serious accusations here. A fan questioned her patriotism and reminded other users of her comments against Serena Williams.

Fans also dragged the broadcaster into this. ESPN was telecasting the pre-show.

“Just because someone is a legend of a sport, doesn’t mean they should be a commentator. Looking at you Chris Evert.” A fan made this statement to criticize Evert’s commentary suggesting she should not appear again.

In the middle of several negative comments, the 18-time major champion did receive a few deserved compliments too though.

“Chrissie, you look fabulous as a platinum blonde. Hope you feel as well as you look. #ChrisEvert,” said a fan.

The fan reactions were largely pretty harsh on Chris Evert, especially for someone who has recently recovered from cancer. It was also sad to notice that only Evert received backlash for her appearance while McEnroe got away with wearing beach attire to the talk show.

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