“Sizzling Romance Unleashed at Wimbledon: Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa Take the Tennis World by Storm with their Fiery Love Affair!”

Meet Wimbledon’s wildest couple! Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa have only been together since April but have a joint Instagram, she overshares about sex dreams and gave his dad a death stare on Centre Court
It seems that Stefanos Tsitsipas did not get the memo about taking things slow and steady in a new relationship.



For just a few short months into his romance with fellow tennis star Paula Badosa, the world No 5 Greek, who beat Andy Murray on Friday, has declared the Spanish beauty his ‘soulmate’. Subtle, Stefanos.



‘I feel happy and content,’ Tsitsipas told Eurosport recently after they went public with their relationship following weeks of hints online and rumour in the locker room.



A kiss on the cheek in a hotel room and her styling his hair was something of a giveaway, too.

‘I haven’t really felt that type of connection with anyone before. I don’t mean to sound cringe or anything because that’s the reality and that’s what I am faced with,’ he added.







‘I am extremely blessed and happy that this came at this phase of my life. Of course there is attraction but it’s also sometimes just a soul interaction and getting to fall in love with her mind. It’s very rare that these things happen.’



Badosa, a 25-year-old who was born in New York City but represents Spain, has been ranked as high as No 2 in the world and is currently No 35. Her best Grand Slam showing was a run to the quarterfinals at last year’s French Open.



Tsitsipas, a 24-year-old from Greece, has been ranked as high as No 3 and is seeded No 5 at Wimbledon. He twice was a runner-up at major tournaments, on both occasions losing in the final to 23-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic – at the 2021 French Open and at this year’s Australian Open.



So between them, they have plenty of talent on the court.

They were due to come together and play in the mixed doubles at Wimbledon but Badosa’s back injury, which saw her retire from her singles second round match on Friday, saw them abandon that.



Earlier in the week Badosa, who has suffered with anxiety in her past, wore a big smile and was, which is unusual for her, oversharing about her steamy dreams. It soon went viral.



‘I was injured in Australia. I watched his match, the final. Of course I had jet lag because I was in Spain. I decided to watch that match,’ she said.



‘Surprising, because I never dream about tennis players, but I dreamt about him that night, that we were both winning Australian Open.



‘Then it was like we were having a very romantic moment, but I’m not going to explain. I’m just going to leave it there. (Laughter).’

Like many modern couples they are eager to do everything together and that extends to Instagram.

Their joint account – which already has 62,000 followers – is gushing.



‘Best friends & soulmates. Nothing less; nothing more,’ reads the account’s biography.

Do they tone it down in the captions? Think again.

‘Your eyes stole all my words away,’ their most recent post reads, as they stare into each other’s eyes.



‘0 Grand Slams in one photo, but hey, love conquers all!’ another says.

But not everyone is as starry eyed about their relationship as the fan accounts which pop up with every passing day to ‘ship’ the two stars together.




View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @tsitsidosa



Former tennis champion John McEnroe was shown footage of the happy couple working out together in a pool in Dubai. The American, however, was having none of it.



‘Training, oh is that what it is? Is that training, Clare?’ he told host Clare Balding, on the BBC.
When Tsitsipas was told during his on-court interview on Wednesday that Badosa had advanced, too, he said that was news to him and offered congratulations, later referring to her as ‘Paulita.’



Standing next to his father in the crowd, Badosa put her hands together in the shape of a heart.
‘It´s different kind of nerves,’ Badosa said in describing what it’s like to be cheering for him as opposed to playing her own contests.



‘Watching it from the outside, maybe I get a little bit more nervous, because I cannot control it. But I´m happy that he got the win, and it was a crazy match. Happy that we both got through first round.’



It is also worth noting that Tsitsipas has few friends inside tennis. He admitted as much earlier this year.

Aussie bad boy Nick Kyrgios savaged the Greek earlier in the year when he claimed ’no-one’ in the locker room liked him, and when asked why he’s something of a lone wolf, Tsitsipas said: ‘I just don’t feel like I relate to a lot of them, in terms of how I approach life.’



But with Badosa he wants to connect on a deep and philosophical level. The two only appear to have eyes for the other right now.

‘It is something very beautiful because we empathise with each other a lot, we have things very clear, we are both very ambitious, but at the same time we share our personal lives and we share many things,’ Badosa told Spanish outlet El Larguero in June.



‘We have a very solid and strong connection, so he shares with me his good and bad times, his experiences, just like I do with him, so we support each other and give each other a lot of strength.



‘Apart from that, we kind of pushed each other to be better, I was recovering from the injury and he has come here to help me every day in my worse and better moments. I think we contribute a lot to each other.’



One stumbling block might just be Badosa’s apparent disdain for her future father in-law, as she clearly expressed in their Centre Court box on Thursday night.

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