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“Unbelievable: Austin Butler Shocking Revelation Sends Shockwaves Through Elvis Fans

Austin Butler, known for his starring role in Baz Luhrmann’s film “Elvis,” recently revealed in an interview with Variety that he went several years without seeing his family.



During the production of “Elvis,” which earned him a Golden Globe nomination, the 31-year-old actor made significant sacrifices. He spent time preparing for the role with Baz Luhrmann and then traveled to Australia to shoot the film. The strict lockdown laws in Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic made it challenging for him to return to his family in California.



Butler explained that he had months of isolation where he hardly spoke to anyone. His mind was completely consumed by the character of Elvis Presley, and he even found himself speaking in the iconic singer’s voice throughout that period.



Despite the difficulties and lack of communication, Butler stated that he had no regrets. He acknowledged that extraordinary sacrifices are sometimes necessary to create a successful movie.



The challenges of filming “Elvis” were not limited to isolation. Butler also shared a distressing experience during the production. Director Baz Luhrmann arranged for other studio executives to heckle Butler while he was singing on set, aiming to create an authentic atmosphere for the scene.



This caused Butler to feel deeply upset, and he recalled leaving the set in tears that day. However, he understood Luhrmann’s intentions, as the heckling mirrored the experience of Elvis Presley himself when facing a critical audience.



This isn’t the first time Butler has discussed the demanding nature of filming “Elvis.” In an earlier interview with VMAN magazine, he mentioned how challenging it was and how he was pushed to the limits to deliver an authentic performance.



Luhrmann’s approach to immerse him in the role, including the heckling incident, aimed to create a realistic portrayal of Elvis’s experiences.



Despite the hardships and emotional toll, Austin Butler remains proud of his involvement in “Elvis” and the dedication he put into bringing the character to life.



The film’s production demanded significant sacrifices from him, including being separated from his family for an extended period. However, the actor believes that these sacrifices were necessary to achieve the desired result and contribute to the success of the movie.

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