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A First Look at Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman Returns as Wolverine

A first look at Deadpool 3 has been shared revealing the highly anticipated return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine The announcement of Jackman s comeback was made by Ryan Reynolds last year who also revealed that the film s release date is set for September 6 2024.



In a recent Instagram post by Reynolds a photo featuring Jackman s new portrayal of Wolverine has been shared The yellow and blue costume worn by Jackman in the picture suggests a departure from his previous iteration of the character aligning more closely with the classic comic books.



This marks a significant shift from Jackman s earlier statements where he claimed there was no chance of reprising his role as Wolverine However he has now agreed to star in Deadpool s first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU Jackman stated that he needed assurance that the new Deadpool film would not disrupt the timeline established in Logan his final solo Wolverine film.



According to a report by Nme com Jackman insisted that the Logan timeline would remain intact before deciding to collaborate with his friend and Deadpool producer Ryan Reynolds He explained during an interview that the Marvel world s ability to manipulate timelines allowed for the possibility of revisiting the character without compromising the previous story This was a significant factor for Jackman and the fans.



Hugh Jackman s last appearance as Wolverine was in the critically acclaimed 2017 film Logan where the character met his tragic end Many believed this marked Jackman s retirement from the role However the inclusion of Deadpool 3 shows that Jackman is willing to dive back into the character provided the timeline remains unchanged.

Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese the writers of Deadpool 3 have reassured fans that the R rated nature of the franchise will not be compromised following Disney s acquisition of 20th Century Fox This ensures that the film will maintain the edgy and irreverent tone that has become synonymous with the Deadpool series.



Fans of the Wolverine and Deadpool franchises can now eagerly anticipate the upcoming release of Deadpool 3 where they will witness Hugh Jackman s triumphant return as their favorite clawed mutant.

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