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This Post Is Embarrassing’: Jordan Spieth’s Disrespectful Act on the Golf Course Triggers and Annoys Social Media

Golf is intertwined with manners, routines, and habits. While many of these activities are governed by regulations, others do not have a clear-cut direction in terms of right or wrong. Sometimes the latter can fall under massive scrutiny if not followed in a generalized pattern. Corresponding to this, Jordan Spieth found himself in a difficult situation post his on-course actions.



While his act does not relate to any specific rulings, it still drew out a strong reaction from the fans. Golf enthusiasts could not help but be triggered by the golfer’s etiquette. It reached a point where some of the fans even called him out for his action. Let us dive in to find out the details of Jordan Spieth’s on-field activity!

Unintentionally, Jordan Spieth does something not in line with golf etiquette

As the golfers’ are gearing up for the renowned 2023 Genesis Scottish Open, the practice rounds have already been set into motion. The 2015 Masters winner has also commenced his training rounds on the luscious greens in North Berwick. Thanks to the video uploaded by the DP World Tour, Jordan Spieth can be seen sporting a white cap, grey overalls, and white shoes.



However, his attire was not the cause of the disruption that was triggered online. Rather, the manner in which he had taken up a new role. In short, prior to the official commencement of the tournament, Spieth was seen wheeling his golf trolley up on the greens. This action of the professional wasn’t taken well by the online audience and it unleashed moral policing.

However, it is important to note that nothing regarding the same has been specified in the Rules of Golf. It differs from club to club as to how they enforce this particular ruling. Usually, golf courses post about the same on their website or noticeboard. Now, even though Spieth did not receive any on-course repercussions, fans weren’t ready to let go of the neglection of the golf etiquette.



‘Trolley on the tee’ doesn’t sit well with many
While it is usually the caddies who carry the golf equipment for their golfers, this time, Jordan Spieth decided to engage in the job himself. However, his actions weren’t appreciated by most of the fans online. They believed it to be a breach of unwritten protocols. According to them, trolleys are not supposed to be on the teeing ground.

One fan, in particular, said, “Bringing a trolley onto the tee! That’s not how amateur golfers respect golf courses! This post is embarrassing.” Another user chimed in on how this is among the first few etiquettes that one is taught as a junior golfer. “A trolley on a tee. One of the first things I learnt as a junior was no trolleys on tees and greens.”



A couple of Instagram handles were not-to-subtle in delivering their words. They said, “Hoodie on, trolley over the tee. What a muppet!” And, “Straight over the tee box. 3 week ban.”

As the harsh comments came pouring in, some were quick to take the side of the golfer as well. They pointed out that no harm was done to the greens and there was no need for such jarring remarks. One fan said, “I agree what does it do to the tee …. nothing.” Another followed up with, “Plenty of Karen’s on here regarding the trolley on the tee box.”

Like always, the comment section wouldn’t have been complete without a few users adding a humorous touch. “Push cart sales up by +1,000,” wrote one. “Needs a better caddy,” wrote another.

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