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‘Done With Him’: PGA Tour Pro Joins Jordan Spieth and Others in Voicing Concerns Over $3B LIV Golf Merger

Things have been berserk in the golf world ever since the merger between PGA Tour and LIV Golf was announced last month. And the people who are most affected by it are the clueless PGA Tour players who have no idea about what’s going on.After the US Senate started its investigation into the matter on Tuesday, the situation is becoming more and more complex. And as Jordan Spieth speaks about the suffering of fellow golfers, another PGA Tour pro has lent him his support.



PGA Tour pro makes a statement against Jay Monahan

The PGA Tour players are living a nightmare. Firstly, they weren’t consulted when the merger and its agreements. And now the authorities are not communicating any information about the situation to them. As a result, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, came under fire. After backlash from several players, PGA Tour players are now asking for Monahan’s removal. And recently after Jordan Spieth said that Monahan will have to rebuild the trust of players, PGA Tour pro Hunter Mahan, also joined the steamy conversation. Replying to the Twitter post by NUCLR GOLF regarding Spieth’s statement, Hunter reacted that players are done with Jay.



His tweet has received more than thousands of likes. The six times PGA Tour winner stands with Spieth and other Tour players in their disapproval with Monahan.

Jay Monahan played a very crucial role in finalizing the merger. He has been the frontman of the PGA Tour in the matter and in fact, was the one who announced the news on CNBC. What’s ironic is that Monahan spent the last year criticizing LIV Golf, but now he has changed his tune.



However, his involvement in the matter is being greatly criticized by the players who are completely in the dark about anything. The anger has grown so much that they are demanding Monahan’s removal from his post.

PGA Tour players in the dark after the merger

PGA Tour players received a shock of a lifetime last month when they woke up to the news of the merger. While many chose to express their shock and anger at the situation, some players like Tiger Woods remain silent. But the situation has become ghastly for them now. With the Senate hearing going on, they fear what the outcome of this situation.

Hunter Mahan’s sentiments are also shared by players like Scottie Scheffler, Xander Schaeuffle, and others who are openly speaking out against the PGA Tour commissioner.

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