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Jordan Spieth doubles down on Scottie Scheffler’s mistrust of PGA Tour amid LIV Golf deal

Scheffler admitted that he lost trust in the PGA Tour ahead of the Genesis Scottish Open Wednesday, and so did Jordan Spieth.

Many top players have lost trust in PGA Tour leadership following the tour’s deal with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Add Jordan Spieth to that list.

Ahead of the Genesis Scottish Open, the media asked Spieth if PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan will have to rebuild the players’ trust when he returns from his health-related absence on Jul. 17.“Yeah, quite a bit, just based on conversations I’ve had with players, and I think he realizes that,” Spieth admitted. “I’m sure he’s preparing a plan to try and build it back.”



Before Spieth made these comments, Scottie Scheffler revealed his concerns, too, saying the lack of clarity stemming from the deal is a bit “worrisome.”Spieth and Scheffler are two of the most recognizable figures in golf. For them to express their consternations carries a lot of weight within the golfing world.

Both players wish more communication had occurred and that PGA Tour members could have known more about the confidential negotiations behind the scenes.“It’s a member-run organization with a voluntary board that’s supposed to look out for the interests of the PGA Tour players on the board,” Spieth added. “I don’t believe that these decisions had to be made without involving players on the board and other board members.”



Spieth previously served as a player director on the board, so he has sat in on numerous discussions involving important PGA Tour decisions.His tenure extended through the pandemic, which created all sorts of issues for the world’s top players.

“COVID was enough time for me,” Spieth said. “I can’t say I’m jealous of not being on the board right now.”Yet, the former Texas Longhorn hopes to be kept in the loop regarding important decisions in the future, especially if Monahan wants to win back the trust of PGA Tour players.



Jack Milko is a golf staff writer for SB Nation’s Playing Through. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @jack_milko for more golf coverage. Be sure to check out @_PlayingThrough too.

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