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Jordan Spieth: Rickie Fowler Abruptly Withdraws from Leeds Agreement Following Relegation

Golfer Jordan Spieth has revealed that Rickie Fowler has pulled out of the 49ers group about to takeover Leeds United due to the club’s relegation to the Championship.Spieth and fellow golf icon Justin Thomas have purchased shares in the 49ers group, subject to EFL checks, and the former is excited about the future of the club.



Speaking exclusively to Sky Sports News, Spieth said: “Relegation wasn’t ideal, but we got involved with the 49ers group about purchasing a larger share and getting in with them doing things so successfully as they do everywhere they’ve touched.

“We thought it would be a cool opportunity. It’s a big city, historic club, great venue in Elland Road, and once we looked into it we realised it could be really exciting.”They (the 49ers) renegotiated after relegation and it was possibly a better deal – as long as they can get promoted (to Premier League) soon.



“I’m excited to have a team I’m emotionally invested in. I’ve watched the Premier League intently for a few years. Hopefully, we’ll be back very soon.”Asked about the status of the deal, with the takeover still subject to EFL checks, Spieth said: “It’s done. Myself and Justin (Thomas) with a minority stake. The 49ers beat my Cowboys every year, so if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

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