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Not The PGA Tour Merger, But Another $3.9 Billion Problem Arises For Tiger Woods as He Continues His Eerie Silence

Clearly, this is not a good year for Tiger Woods. After missing out two majors and withdrawing from one after making the cut, Woods was seemingly betrayal by the PGA Tour for keeping him out of the major merger decision, when he was the frontrunner in its fight against its rival tour. This could have hurt him more than his dislike for LIV Golf.



However, every cloud has a silver lining. Him and Rory McIlroy are all set to launch a new golf league, TGL. The GOAT is busy doing everything to make his league more accessible. However, in the midst of all this, another problem has risen for Tiger Woods.

Business Tycoon takes a dig at Tiger Woods

Without rivalries like Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau and Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson, the golf world wouldn’t have the appeal that it has today. And adding to the list, it appears that Woods is in for a new rival – the enigmatic owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay.



Earlier this year, Woods’ course design firm, TGR, announced plans to begin its newest project, the 18-hole Marcella Club course which will be located in Park City, Utah. There would be a 275-yard Par-3 and a 702-yard Par-5 on this new, over 8,000-yard course. It definitely caught the attention of many, including the $3.9 billion-worth tycoon, Irsay.

He subtly took a dig at Woods by claiming that his 8,160-yard private course, Horseshoe Farm, is longer than both Woods’ forthcoming course in Northern Indiana.

The fact that Irsay compared his course to Woods caught everyone off guard. Will a new rivalry emerge as a result of this? Only time will tell, but recent developments indicate that Woods’ close assistance is leaning toward LIV Golf!



Indian Business tycoon at LIV Golf
Known for his close ties with Tiger Woods, the Indian billionaire Pawan Kant Munjal was captured at the LIV Golf Pro-Am London event. Not only that, he was also seen playing with Woods’ prominent rival, Phil Mickelson.

Munjal’s presence sparked controversy because, since the inception of LIV Golf, the billionaire has distanced himself from the league. Not only that, the Hero MotorCorp CEO is a sponsor of Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour event in the Bahamas.

Although the reason for Munjal’s participation at LIV Golf is still unknown, one thing is certain: this merger is altering the golf industry and people’s perceptions, particularly for LIV Golf.

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