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After 7 Years of Struggle, Paige Spiranac’s Social Competitor’s Insane Gym Experience Thrills and Baffles Her All at Once

Hailey Ostrom is many things: a pro golfer, a content creator with tact and grace, an entrepreneur, and a candid storyteller. Despite her massive success, in the world of golf influencers, however, the social media star is often placed second, losing out to none other than Paige Spiranac.



The two social stars are very similar in more ways than one. Aside from being prolific female golfers who do not play by the constricting rules of pro golf, they are both highly sought-after for their openness and timely confessions. Just a few months ago, Spiranac made a bold confession soon after turning 30, and now it seems like Ostrom is following in her footsteps, just with a few months left before she turns 30 on February 19th next year.



Hailey Ostrom shares a story about her savior

Hailey Ostrom has openly talked about her skin troubles with acne for years. The social media connoisseur is highly motivated to deal with the issue, and that’s when she found a product that may just be the answer to all her prayers and more! On her Instagram story, Ostrom shared a tale from her personal life that turned out to be the highest praise for the product. But she wasn’t branding or promoting. She was genuinely grateful for how well the “red light machine is really working.”



The Dr. Dennis Gross Red Light Therapy Face Mask has been doing its rounds around the globe, solving one skin care problem at a time. Although Ostrom did not mention the machine by name (because she wasn’t promoting it), the mask worked its magic a little too well. So here’s how her story goes:

“Today, in the gym, this boy comes up to me,” she says like a high school senior. The narrative interestingly has a character that befits the role, so who can blame her? The boy asked how old she is, to which effect the golfer continued, “When I told him I’m 29, the look on this man’s face—not man, he’s a boy,” she laughed.



“He starts walking backwards away from me and he’s like, ‘Oh, I am so sorry, I’m sorry,’ and then he starts getting tongue-tied and he goes, ‘I’m really sorry, I’m 19.’” That was a twist in the tale. The boy apologized and complimented her, but here’s the thing: Hailey admits, “I don’t know if I should take it as a compliment because he thought we were similar in age or be offended by the look of horror on his face when he found out how old I really am.”

That’s a very good question. But she appeared more cheerful than offended, for she finally has a solution that is working for her. It looks like Ostrom’s skin-problem days are about to bid adieu and hopefully take the haters with them.



Ostrom has faced a lot of backlash in the past for her skin issues

Ostrom has been struggling with skin troubles related to acne for over seven years. She was disappointed when, upon sharing her troubles with a cohort a few months ago, they did not instigate the response she needed. Some of her haters also comment on her skin condition and looks, but she doesn’t allow it to discourage her. She continues to put out content and brushes off the remarks.

With the confidence that she’s gained from her skin troubles disappearing, Ostrom has since begun putting herself out there on social media a lot more. Her fan base has steadily been increasing too, and now stands at over 624K on Instagram. And although she has a long way to go before she catches up to her rival, Spiranac’s 3.8 million, she certainly is on her way!

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