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Less Than a Day Away from Turning 1, Maria Sharapova’s Son Enjoys a Beach Date with His Beloved Mother

Maria Sharapova, after succeeding in the world of tennis and business, adorned the role of a mother and she has been acing it. The happy mother is putting everything into raising her beloved son, Theodore. Since her retirement, Sharapova has focused on her business endeavors and her family. The Russian tennis star gave birth to her first child with her partner, Alexander Gilkes, in July last year. Her son is nearing his first birthday and Sharapova is making sure to soak all the first-year moments with him before he turns one.



Sharing a private setting with her little one who is still learning about the world, Sharapova shared a beautiful mother-son moment with her fans.

Maria Sharapova enjoys a date with her son, Theodore

Theodore, who will soon celebrate his first birthday, took the tennis realm by storm after his mother shared his first looks. Maria Sharapova and Alexander Gilkes shared the news of the arrival of their beloved son on the 15th of July, 2022. So, it would be correct to assume that he is less than 24 hours away before turning one-year-old.



Ahead of her son’s first birthday, Maria Sharapova took to her Instagram story to share a picture of Theodore adorned in a blue swimsuit with a brown bucket hat on the pebble-laden beach. As the water from the sea brushed against his mushy little toes, Theo tried to play with the little pebbles out of curiosity.



The emotional mother could not help but record the moment from the back, making sure Theo does not get disturbed. Giving words to her emotions, she stated, on her Instagram stories, “Just me and the sea,” from Theo’s perspective.

The Russian tennis star had devoted her life to tennis since she was young. She left her country and mother behind to become one of the biggest tennis stars of all time. Eventually, she ended up with five Grand Slam titles to her name.



However, apart from those achievements, Sharapova has, on numerous occasions, poured out her love and gratitude for having Theodore in her life. Hence, she wants him to grow up to be a good human being.

Sharapova on crucial life lessons that she wants to instill in her son
Last year, after giving birth to her son and going through the initial stage after childbirth, Sharapova made a resolution. She wished to teach some imperative life lessons to her son.



She revealed how she would teach her son to be his authentic self. Especially when it is extremely easy to get influenced nowadays. Moreover, she wants him to stay curious and never be reluctant to learn new things in life.

She wishes to imbibe the same sportsmanship values that she herself adhered to throughout her life.

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