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“Unveiling the Shocking Truth: Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian’s Astonishing Transformation Revealed, Fueling His Ambition in His Early 40s – ‘I Must Revolutionize…'”

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams are two superstars who, despite their busy schedules, love spending time with their daughter, Olympia Ohanian. Now they are about to have another member to pamper, as the Ohanian family is about to welcome a new addition. While Ohanian prepares for his second child, he has adopted an exercise regiment to keep himself as fit as his wife. He recently revealed why he has become a fitness nut over the years.



Although he has taken immense steps to stay active with his daughter, he still believes he is far from the perfect father. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Ohanian revealed that he makes many mistakes. Thus, he believes that he is not a perfect dad.



Alexis Ohanian revealed the fitness journey he began years ago in an autobiography. He recently restated why he began this journey. Ohanian said he was continuously in “CEO Mode” before marrying and was “terrible” at establishing any form of balance between his professional and personal life. He remembers pushing himself in his twenties, not caring about what he ate or how much he exercised.



Previously, in his autobiography, Ohanian had stated that he would go on binges of junk food during parties, with little to no movement due to his career in tech. Realizing that his habits were rather unhealthy, he chose to change his lifestyle to spend more time with his daughter in his life



“I was like, I need to change everything so that I can be around for as long as possible for this little one,” Ohanian recalled in his interview with BuzzFeed News. “And that’s been one of the superpowers, frankly, of becoming a dad.”



Now, Ohanian has taken the route to improve himself and his health. He has adopted a new hobby for his daughter. However, Ohanian still doesn’t believe that he is the perfect father for his young one.



Alexis Ohanian on not being a perfect dad
Through social media, the business magnate has received immense praise from his ardent fans for being a perfect dad. However, in an interview in 2019, Ohanian stated that he is anything but a perfect father. Although he tries to model good behavior, the entrepreneur accepts that there is still much work to be done. He has several days where he is a loving parent and husband. But, as he shared with BuzzFeed, there are a number of bad days too.



Ohanian might not call himself the perfect dad, but his online followers will continue to praise him for the way he’s raising Olympia. What are your thoughts on Ohanian being hard on himself? Let us know in the comments.

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