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Jimmy Connors Cites Former Rival John McEnroe’s Example as a ‘Lefty’ Advantage for Marketa Vondrousova Surfaces Ahead of Wimbledon Final

As the highly anticipated Wimbledon final approaches, tennis enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the clash between Marketa Vondrousova and Ons Jabeur for the prestigious trophy. Both players displayed exceptional skills throughout the tournament, paving their way to the grand stage.In a recent podcast, tennis legend Jimmy Connors assessed Vondrousova’s gameplay, emphasizing the advantage she possesses as a left-handed player. Drawing inspiration from players like John McEnroe, Connors highlighted the effectiveness of the left-handed slice serve in pulling opponents off the court during critical moments.



Jimmy Connors valuates Marketa Vondrousova’s game:
In a thoughtful analysis of Marketa Vondrousova’s game, Jimmy Connors emphasized the advantage that the left-handed Czech player has. He drew parallels to iconic left-handed players like John McEnroe, who excelled with their slice serves in the ad court. Connors spoke at length during the latest episode of the ‘Advantage Connors’ podcast.“The big advantage to being lefty was that when you’re serving in the ad court, you had that good slice out wide. you know McEnroe had it”. Connors added, “Tanner had it. Laver had it, that it was, you know, on a big point, you know, 30-40 point or a 40-30 point, you could always count on that slider to to pull your opponent way off the court.”



The left-handed slice serve, specifically when directed out wide, becomes a potent weapon. It forces opponents to stretch wide and off-balance. By executing it, she can pull Jabeur far off the court, creating an advantageous position for herself.The left-handed superiority in tennis. The ‘lefty’ advantage in tennis goes beyond the slice serve. Left-handed players often present a unique challenge to their right-handed counterparts due to the unfamiliarity of playing against a lefty. Their shots come from different angles, which can disrupt the rhythm and patterns of play right-handed players are accustomed to.



This variation can create opportunities for left-handed players to exploit their opponents’ weaknesses and gain an upper hand in rallies. Additionally, the left-handed advantage extends to the positioning on the court. Being a lefty allows for a different perspective, as lefties can cover the ad court more effectively.

As Marketa Vondrousova faces off against Ons Jabeur in the Wimbledon final, their clash of styles adds an intriguing dynamic to the match. While Vondrousova capitalizes on her left-handed advantage, Jabeur brings her own strengths as a right-handed player to the court. Jabeur’s versatility, court coverage, and creativity have been on full display throughout the tournament.



The final promises a captivating display of skill. Both players would seek to exploit their strengths and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents. Vondrousova’s left-handed arsenal will be pitted against Jabeur’s relentless baseline play and exceptional shot-making ability.

Marketa Vondrousova’s journey to the Wimbledon final, with her left-handed advantage, has captured the attention of tennis fans worldwide. Her ability to utilize the left-handed slice serve should provide her with a distinct advantage over Jabeur in certain moments during the final.

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