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Shocking Revelation: Paige Spiranac’s MLB Pitch at Brewers Game Sparks Unprecedented Disappointment among Fans

Paige Spiranac is indubitably the biggest social media star in the golfing world. Her online presence, especially on Instagram and Twitter, has led to her growing popularity as a golfing influencer. The social media star was recently invited to throw the first pitch at a major league baseball game. The ex-pro golfer, representing X-Golf, was given the honor of throwing the night’s first pitch and distributing her bobbleheads to select fans at the Brewers game.



The goal of any influencer is to raise awareness of the industry they work in. While the Brewers game provided a platform for golf to interact with other sports, the fans’ reaction to Spiranac’s presence was unexpected. Moreover, when she was asked how she felt about the whole situation, her response was entirely out of the blue!



Paige Spiranac opens up about her MLB pitch

Although the pitch and the bobbleheads garnered much attention, the golf diva during a golf game with Robby Berger, opened up about how she felt at the pitch. Spiranac went on to talk about how the seemingly easy task of throwing the ball became a stressful situation. Throwing a pitch in front of millions of fans turned out to be nerve-racking for the influencer, to say the least. “I was terrified. I was watching, falling to sleep to videos of bad first pitches. It was tough!” she said as she answered Berger’s question about how she felt during the game.

She also had a hilarious reaction to the bobbleheads that were made for her. “People were very disappointed though! It was the wrong thing that was bobbling!” she said while talking about the bobbleheads. Talking about the wobblers, she humorously said how she would like to invest in another kind of the same figurine where it would not be the head that is wobbling, but some other part.

Spiranac is the queen of golf’s social media for a reason. Her funny responses to various issues, her controversial statements along with her skills in the game are what make her so famous. It is a given that the followers will have their own responses to her actions.



Spiranac’s comments draw varied responses, some are hilarious
The 30-year-old’s funny take on the bobbleheads caught much attention from her fans. The fans were extremely amused to see their favorite golfing influencer respond hilariously to the nodder which was made for her. Let us take a look at some reactions left by the fans under Berger’s tweet.

Responding hilariously!

Love from the fans!

Leaving everyone speechless!

Coolest girl ever!

Signing the bobbleheads.

Good content!

Spiranac has been undoubtedly successful in making golf as popular as other sports and the fact that she was invited for the first pitch proves it immensely. Her online media presence has been instrumental in expanding the horizons of the sport.

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