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Alexis Ohanian Melts Hearts with ‘Eyebrow’ Affection for Daughter Olympia, Flaunting Her Sassy Traits Just Like Serena

Serena Williams might be the goofiest one in the family who keeps on pulling her sister’s and friends’ legs. However, her daughter is learning from the best. Hence, she is not sparing anyone, not even her mother, as she roasted her in a new development. And how can her father, Alexis Ohanian, miss the stew brewing up? After Olympia gets on the same sassy platform as her mother, her father hails her quirky style.



Alexis Ohanian is undoubtedly the biggest cheerleader of his daughter Olympia. So, eventually, after he got to know about the casual roast she made on her mother, he can not help but add a bit more spice to the brewing issue.

Alexis Ohanian hails Olympia after she uses her inherited sass on Mama Serena Williams

Serena Williams has given the tennis realm some of the most wholesome moments pulling pranks on her sister Venus Williams or her friends. This has made her fans see her goofy and sassy side. However, she did not notice that her daughter, Olympia, has also acquired the same sass from her mother.Consequently, the 23-time Grand Slam champion is bearing the sour fruits of her sassy attitude as her daughter uses the same on her. Recently, the tennis star faced the brunt of her daughter’s witty attitude as she dimmed the praise with her acquired sassiness. When a lady complimented Williams’ hairdo, Olympia budged in and revealed that it is a wig.



And Ohanian is all up for his sassy daughter. He recently shared a post mentioning the incident. It showcased her making a sassy face with her eyebrows raised. Ohanian shared the same in his story and added, “I love that Ohanian eyebrow.”

Now, this is something we can expect from Williams’ daughter because Serena herself does not spare anyone.Serena Williams’ sassiness and Ohanian’s expressive eyebrows have given Olympia the undisputable power to be a perfect mixture of her parents. This was just waiting to occur, given that recently Serena Williams had pulled one of her close friend’s leg.



Williams does not spare her former agent
The 23-time Grand Slam champion recently spotted her former agent Jill Smoller on television. Her former agent was watching a basketball match when Serena Williams spotted her on her TV.And she once again went on a spree to pull her leg. Joking about how she looked while concentrating and then how she looked with her eyes closed, Serena got at her former agent.However, now she has found her competition in her own home. And it seems like Ohanian is also on his daughter’s side.

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