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Floyd Mayweather Addressing Land Ownership in South Africa Leaves Fans Divided

Floyd Mayweather isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The undefeated boxer has a lot of fans, but he also has a lot of detractors, and that hasn’t stopped with his recent visit to Africa.The American boxer was in Zimbabwe and is now in South Africa as part of his Motherland Tour, and wasted no time discussing land ownership in the country.“I want to see more people in South Africa have ownership,” he said.
“You guys have all the resources, you guys have all the land, we need to get a lot of that land back to the Africans, and you guys need to own yourself,” he added.



Mayweather’s comments resonated with many who are fighting for the same thing, but it also irked others who remembered his previous remarks about the continent.Nine years ago, the boxer angered some with his comments about the continent.When asked about giving back and outreaches in Africa, he replied, “What has Africa done for me?”

Those comments and the fact that he was weighing in on a contentious issue in the country has divided many.
Here is how social media reacted to Money’s comments.

Boxing fans who recently visited Sandton City in Johannesburg have that unique bragging right after spotting undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, Sports Brief reported.Money Mayweather is currently in the country as part of his Motherland Tour.

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