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Elvis Presley’s Alleged Visit to a Scientology Center Panned Out Very Differently Than Priscilla’s Experience With the Church

While there are quite a few, surprising celebrities that have been linked to the controversial Church of Scientology, there’s nothing more shocking than to find out that the Presley family is quite embroiled in the Church. While Priscilla Presley has been with the church for nearly 50 years, it seems her late ex-husband Elvis Presley had a very different reaction to the Church’s ideals.



According to Janet Reitman’s book Inside Scientology, Elvis was not the biggest fan of Scientology. In fact, the one time he was convinced to go to the Scientology Center, he left the building irate and screaming. Specifically, Reitman claims that Elvis left screaming: “F**k those people! There’s no way I’ll ever get involved with that son-of-a-b**chin’ group. All they want is my money.”



While Priscilla kept her support of the Church on the down-low for the past few decades, close insiders claim that she started going as soon as 1977, soon after her ex-husband died, as a way to bond with him since his shocking death.
Since then, she had both of her children, Lisa Marie Presley and Marco Garibaldi, into the Church (with Lisa Marie leaving in 2014). Along with that, Priscilla’s grandchildren have also been linked to the church, including Emmy-nominated actress Riley Keough.



Because of the Tickle Me stars’ irate, dramatic response to the controversial Church, it’s easy to speculate that he wouldn’t be too thrilled to find out the rest of the Presleys have had ties to the controversial organization for decades now.

For those wondering to themselves, “Why is the Church of Scientology so controversial?” It’s complicated. Summed up, there have been many controversies surrounding it, including the fact that both France and Germany have dubbed it as a “cult,” per a report from the French Prime Minister and Spiegel, the first-hand, heartbreaking accounts of people who left it, and more. However, it is also recognized as a religious group in many other countries.

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