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Glamorous tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann braves cold in revealing low-cut top and skirt sending fans wild

TENNIS influencer Rachel Stuhlmann can’t wait get on an indoor court. Stuhlmann braved the cold to pose on court in a revealing white top and skirt.\



She sent fans wild as she stood with racket and ball in hand while out in the elements.



But the self-professed “No1 tennis influencer” is eagerly looking ahead to the indoor season.

Although it’s not only the warmth of having a roof over her head that Stuhlmann is looking forward.

The former professional turned social media star prefers the bounce of the ball on indoor surfaces.








She wrote to her 253,000 Instagram followers: “Ok it’s getting too cold to play outside.

“I get asked a lot what my favourite court surface to play on is. I love them all, and the different movement, ball bounce, and adjustments you have to make for each surface. But for me, it’s a fast, hard indoor court.



“No elements, and it feels/sounds like you are hitting every ball insanely hard.

“So yes, I’m excited for indoor tennis season.”
Stuhlmann is bidding to follow in the footsteps of golf influencer Paige Spiranac.



Spiranac has built an incredible following on social media after stopping playing professionally.

She now has 3.7million followers on Instagram.

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