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Serena Williams’ secret ingredients to stay away from pregnancy stretch marks

Serena Williams released a YouTube video, in which she shares how she protects her body from getting stretch marks during her second pregnancy.

Here are some of the top comments on Serena Williams’ belly routine:



“First time I ever seen abs on a pregnant belly lol.”
“The fact that the abs are still visible even when you pregnant is levels.
I want to grow up to be you.”



“The baby’s gonna be bulked up at birth fighting with these 6 packs for 9 months. Okay Serena I’ll go to the gym.”
Serena Williams copies friend Wozniacki
After getting impressed by how well former tour rival and friend Caroline Wozniacki kept herself in shape during pregnancy, Serena Williams looks to be working toward improving her body as well.In November 2022, Wozniacki impressed many of her fans after she released a post-pregnancy photo about 2 weeks after she gave birth to her second child.

Serena Williams herself was amazed at the former world number one’s shape. “Come on??? Wow,” Serena commented on Wozniacki’s latest Instagram photo.

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