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Suspense Continues Over 31-Year-Old WTA Star’s Anti-doping Trail as She Awaits Tennis Comeback Once ITIA Lifts Long-Term Punishment

The entire tennis community is sorely missing Simona Halep adorning the women’s circuit with her stellar performances on the court. The Romanian WTA player has been away from competitive tennis after she was found guilty of consuming a prohibited substance, Roxadustat, following her participation in the previous season’s US Open. Due to the same, the former Roland Garros champion faced a doping suspension and since then she had to attend multiple hearings while claiming she was innocent.



In addition to her initial flag, the 31-year-old tennis star was once again in hot waters recently when she was charged with a second anti-doping violation due to “irregularities” in her biological passport. It further extended suspension from the WTA Tour, and no major progress has been made with her case. However, there has now been a significant update indicating that she may be making a return this season after her lengthy legal drama with the ITIA.



Major update about Simona Halep’s suspension from the women’s circuit
The 2 singles Grand Slam champion’s doping suspension ban remains unresolved and it has further become a contentious topic for the entire sporting realm. But, an exclusive report from, states that the Romanian tennis star might return to the women’s circuit this fall, right after the Grand Slam event in New York.



It stated, “Most experts say that Simona Halep will receive a final verdict in the next period that will not be favorable to her and will be suspended for two years. Thus, after the call to TAS, Simona Halep could be left with a one-year suspension, which would mean that she will return to the tennis court this fall, right after the US Open.”



According to the report, there are a number of specialists who believe that the final verdict on the doping ban, will not be favorable to the WTA player. The International Agency for Tennis Integrity ( ITIA ) is adamant about its decision and charges for doping violation policies. But, after her conversation with TAS, the 31-year-old tennis star could be left with a one-year suspension, which means that she could return to the court after the US Open.



Following her failed drug test, the former Roland Garros champion undoubtedly faced a lot of challenges and lengthy legal drama. During this adverse phase, the Romanian player received major support from some of the prominent figures in the sporting community.

Halep received major backing from the ATP star and businessman
In a recent interview with Antena AS, the Romanian businessman, Ion Tiriac came forward to showcase his support to the WTA player. Speaking about her doping ban, the former tennis player urged Simona Halep to speak against the authorities’ drastic decision that has kept her away from the court.Tiriac made it clear that he wants his compatriots to fend off all the challenges and setbacks. He said, “Being Romanian is a matter of pride, that’s how we are, a challenging people.”

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