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‘They Are Paying So Much’ – Tennis’ Love Couple Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas Taunt Haters as They Shut Baseless Rumors in Style

The tennis world isn’t just interested in the serious fights and contentions on the court. Numerous fans are interested in the entrancing connections that foster off the court. Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa both shot for the first season of the Netflix series, BreakPoint. The couple had dried bits of gossip that their romantic tale was just the scenery for a Netflix narrative.



Tsitsipas and Badossa have answered the rumors with mockery and humor on Twitter. They asserted that their affection is genuine and not the consequence of any monetary plan. The pair’s public relationship has drawn consideration from fans and the media.



“Break Point” is a series that offers the audience a close watch on the life of tennis players. The series digs into the player’s wins on the court and the difficulties that come with it. The first season of the show delved into Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas.



Numerous fans commented on several wild rumors on their social media posts. They shared that the relationship was being staged for money and publicity. Notwithstanding, the couple moved to address these reports head-on on Twitter.



They revealed their insights into the ludicrousness of such cases. The adoring couple mockingly talked about the rumor. Tsitsipas expressed that Netflix was paying them a lot of cash to be together. They kidded about how Netflix was making their relationship conceivable and offered their thanks for the alleged installments.



In the Twitter video, the couple shared, “Of course, it’s not the reason why we are together. (sarcastically with a chuckle) It’s Netflix, yeah they are paying so much to be together. Every day they pay us to be together. Netflix has made this possible, thank you so much, of course after the season it’s ending, it’s finito.”



oh they ate with this

— hardcourt tennis (stef’s version) 🦥 (@fedsipas) July 17, 2023



As Badosa and Tsitsipas keep on influencing the tennis world, they demonstrate that affection and achievement can exist together. Their fun-loving reaction to the tales encompassing “Break Point” features their validness and capacity to transcend ridiculous rumors.



‘Just Like Family’- Stefanos Tsitsipas Clears the Air on the Reason Behind Sharing Glimpses into Passionate Relationship with Paula Badosa on Social Media



Together, they are changing the account of love and tennis. Several fans anxiously follow their excursion both on and off the court.



While some might scrutinize the impact of their relationship on their singular triumphs, it is essential to perceive that their accomplishments are a consequence of their persistent effort, commitment, and ability.

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