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Tiger Woods’ Half-Niece Cheyenne Makes a Life-Changing Announcement, Leaving Golf World Soaked in Emotion

Tiger Woods’ half-niece, Cheyenne Woods, has taken after her uncle when it comes to the sport! But along with being a pro-golfer, off the course the 32-year-old has quite the reputation too. Being the sixth African-American to play on the LPGA Tour, Woods has always been a spokesperson for diversification in the sport.



Moreover, she is also the wife of the golfer-turned-baseball player, Aaron Hicks. The MLB star and her tied the knot in 2022, and since then, there’s been a lot of good news for the golf star. From her stunning wedding to becoming a mother to her one-year-old, Cameron Jaxson Hicks, Woods’ has seen many memorable moments this past year. And now, as per her latest announcement, yet another life-changing moment follows!



Cheyenne Woods makes a huge announcement about her personal life
Woods has already been a mother for a year now. And ever since she announced her pregnancy last year, she has kept away from the course. While many were hoping that she would soon return to the green, her latest announcement makes it clear that that will not be the case. However, it is still a cause to celebrate; after all, the golf pro will soon be juggling two children!



Taking to Instagram, Cheyenne Woods announced her second pregnancy and expressed her happiness over expecting a daughter this fall. “Life lately 🤍 Raising Cameron and carrying our DAUGHTER (still can’t believe it) has been the most special time in my life. I am tireddd 😂 but these memories are priceless and we can’t wait to meet baby girl this fall!” she wrote.

The couple often shares milestones on Instagram. Be it about their wedding or about their firstborn, the couple never failed to keep their fans in the loop, and this time too they kept the tradition alive. The thread of photos she posted along with the announcement is a beautiful recollection of Woods’ last year with her husband and baby boy, as well as a sonogram picture of their soon-to-be-born daughter.



Fans shower Woods with love and support
Woods’ Instagram post brought the golf world together to bask in her happiness. Many comments on her post were from fans congratulating her, while others also expressed happiness over the growing family. Personalities like Christian Heavens also commented. She wrote, “DAUGHTER!!!?!? Love that!!! Congrats y’all.”

Wishes poured in from all over, and the happy couple received love from every nook and cranny. The PGA and LPGA instructor, Cathy Kim, congratulated the soon-to-be parents. And Aaron Hicks himself commented on his wife’s picture, “Can’t wait for the baby girl to be here.”



One fan reassured the couple, saying, “Amazing!!! I had 2 back to back and it was the best thing for the siblings…stay blessed and enjoy 😉 🙏🏽 🥰” And, another exclaimed their happiness because she too was pregnant with a girl. She wrote, “Omg no way!! Congrats!! We both having girls!! So happy for you guys!”Yet another fan marveled at the family’s growth, saying, “He is such a doll!!!! Can’t wait for the family growth! You’re stunning!!! Lots of AZ love!”

Interesting and exciting prospects await them in the future, both personally and professionally. While Aaron Hicks signs a seven-year contract with The New York Yankees, it would make sense to be on the lookout for Woods’ next step as a professional. Would the LPGA Mom return to the tour after more than a year’s break?

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