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$5 Billion Brand Gets Name Dropped as Canadian Tennis Beauty Eugenie Bouchard Faces a Bizarre ‘Big Feet’ Question Mid-Air

Eugenie Bouchard had hard luck in getting into the main draw of Wimbledon this year. However, the Canadian tennis star has not given up and is resiliently chasing her dreams on the court. And minor incidents, like a compliment from a stranger while traveling, is proving to be the silver lining that she hopes to have. However, the candid conversation was not about her but about something she was wearing.



Nonetheless, Bouchard was happy to have a stirring topic that made this stranger compliment her. Counting her blessings, Bouchard, for now, is focusing on the good.

Eugenie Bouchard gets complimented by a complete stranger
The Canadian tennis star was on a flight to an unmentioned destination. Apart from it being a regular flight experience, she also encountered someone who was interested in stirring up a conversation with her.



However, as one would expect, it was not about her. It was about her shoes! She took to her Instagram story to share the saga. Sharing a selfie, she added, “The guy next to me on my flight just asked what shoes I am.” Then in the next story, she showed a picture of her stunning shoes which had a lot of mass to them because of huge platforms. She added, “The shoes in question. I know I have big feet but the shoes make them look bigger for sure.”



However, it was not to crib, but to express how much she adores these shoes. Giving a shout-out to the $5 billion worth of shoe brand, she added, “I love them so much, have gotten so many compliments New Balance.” However, it is not the only thing that she has received compliments upon. The tennis star has swooned her fans because of her astounding beauty.



Bouchard adorns the role of Barbie
Former Wimbledon finalist, Eugenie Bouchard is all in the mood to embrace the Greta Gerwig experience of Barbie. Hence, she adorned a gorgeous Barbie-themed dress at one of the sport’s most prestigious events.Bouchard wore a shimmery pink glittery mini dress with baby pink earrings flaunting her blonde hair. The little pink bag and clear heels with silver straps completed the whole stunning look.

A swoon-worthy look made Bouchard the star of the show at the ESPY Awards. Now, fans are waiting for her time to become the star on the court as well.

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